* Elliot and Brookelyn Both told me w/in the last week that they want to be "fatogafers" I support that. Brookelyn says she's going to have 2 jobs, a photographer and going to college!

* This morning Brookelyn asked me if someday we could "go an get all da penguins and bring 'em to are pond so they don't be code cuz they live in code places and our pond is warm?"

* Jason may be coming home tonight....something about needing the equipment for a job back here. He'll probably have to go back tomorrow though.

* We are going to visit Treasyn tonight.(our dog) We were coming home the other day and Jason pointed out a Boxer "like Treasyn" Brookelyn teared up right away and said how much she missed him. When we pulled into our driveway, Brookelyn said "Mom, Elliot's crying" I looked, and his lipped was curled, but he was trying sooo hard not to cry. When I asked what was wrong, he broke into sobs, and said "I MISS TREASYN!" Poor kids....we aren't getting him back though. It took them this long to insist on visiting, so we'll just keep this up. It is soooo nice not to have to worry about finding a place for him when we go away.

* I wish the weather would stop being wishy-washy and warm up already....I love not having to find socks and coats for all the kids.

*Trae learned how to kiss with his mouth closed in the last week. Today, I was talking to a friend, and he kept kissing me on the lips with his cute little mouth. He even makes the little kiss sound. I wish I could bottle them for when he outgrows me...
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