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Mom, Dad, and Misty

Casey and Misty

The Graduate II

Guess who?? Kimber and I!

Kimber and Marsha

This was a self portrait...it was supposed to be Kimber and I, but this is how it ended up. Sweet, huh?

The whole bunch of 'em

Kimber and all her bro's...I suppose this will be Brookelyn someday.

The Graduate
I am awake with a stuffy head and sinus headache, so I figure to pass the time I would re-cap my long weekend. Marsha and I and the kids headed up to Steve and Pam's Thursday night. We helped with getting the house ready for Kimberly's graduation...I guess I watched the kids and did center pieces, Marsha and Pam cleaned. The graduation was at 8pm, and afterwards we headed back to Steve and Pam's to do pictures. We headed home about 10:30p.m. We got to see Pam's parents who came from Montana, and we'll be flying there in July to return the visit.
Saturday I woke up sicker than the past two days(I had a really bad cough and cold, and a hard time catching my breath) and headed out to shoot a wedding in Green Bay. The wedding was fine, barring a few glitches, the main one being that I couldn't breathe. After the wedding was all said and done, I headed directly into the ER, because the issue with my breathing got progressivly worse throughout the day. I ended up with a diagnosis of Asthma and allergies, and a breathing treatment. I felt better after about 1/2 hour after the treatment, and then woke up this morning with a migraine/sinus headache. We went to mtg, and then headed into Oshkosh to see Misty graduate with her LPN degree. We are proud of both of them. Kimber is headed off to Mancato to become a pilot, and Misty is going back for her RN degree soon. Both graduated with high honors. We went back to mom and dad's for supper and ice cream to celebrate, and a round of "what should Jason and Amber name the baby" Some suggestions: Hugh, Orion, Oliver, Violet,(I know, a girl's name right? Everyone apparently kept forgetting it was a BOY!!)Heath, Victor, Fick, Matt, Perry, & Ray, to name a few. Sadly, none of these are even considerations, and we didn't get any new possibilities for his name. I guess we'll call him baby....

Jason is headed out of town, possibly all week.........I'll post more pic's tomorrow I'm going to try the sleeping thing again!
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