I put a pillow in Trae's crib last night and Viola!....he slept in his own bed until 4:30a.m......He's old enough for a pillow, right? He uses it in our bed. I have been trying to get him to rub his own hair, and it's cut down a lot....I even checked into getting one of those hair pieces at the mall. They had one with braids and a few tufts of hair for around a bun for $25, and a long wispy one for $35, but it had rods up the center and I knew that wouldn't fly. I plan to have a security object all ready for this new little guy, so I don't have to go through this again. Although then I think that he will be my last baby and I know that will be hard for me, so I'll probably want to let him do the hair thing, it's soooo sweet at first. I am planning on a garage sale soon, I think it's going to be hard also. I haven't really gotten rid of any baby things, but the girl clothes can go, and some of the boy stuff since "he'll" be in a different season from the other boys. Anywhoo....

Marsha & I are headed up to Pam & Steve's with all the kids tonight. Jason and Nate will follow tomorrow after Jason finishes up work for the week. Kimberly graduates tomorrow night at 8p.m. I have to shoot a wedding about an hour away on Saturday @ 11:30 (start time), so we'll be heading back Friday night afterwards. Looking forward to seeing Jason's Grandma & Grandpa Dykstra, they haven't met Trae yet. Sunday Misty graduates with her LPN degree, so we'll be in Oshkosh for that on Sunday. I am so proud of her, she finished in a year, and soon we'll get to meet baby Anya! I suppose I should get to packing, it's quite a feat for the 5 of us. Can't imagine convention this year, I think we'll have to force him out if he doesn't come out on his own, but packing is going to be a monster with a newborn and the rest of my brood! Really hoping to make it there, and I really don't want to travel to far with a newborn, so I'm crossing my fingers he'll make his appearance before then;0)

Have a great weekend everyone, you probably won't hear from me again until Monday.
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