Would you rather.....

I thought this would be fun, it's from the game "Would you rather"....
Would you rather:

Eat a can of cat food -or- eat 7 whole lemons (seeds, pulp, juice, and rind)? eat the lemons, have you ever smelled a cat?

Have one child who is totally out of control -or- 9 children who are well behaved angels? 9 angels, I couldn't stop at one...

Have an attractive spouse with a hideously annoying laugh -or- an attractive spouse who is a really bad dresser? The bad dresser, because I could take over. I pick out his clothes anyway...

Without ever being able to wash them, be forced to forever use the same bath towel
-or- sleep in the same sheets? Use the bath towel, at least I've just gotten clean!

Publicly mud wrestle your spouse -or- a stranger? My spouse, I actually would really like to mud wrestle some day, but not in public.

Wake up one day and not recognize your friends and family -or- wake up one day and have them not recognize you? It would brake my heart if my kids didn't recognize me...

Have very, very smelly underarm sweat -or- non-odorous underarm sweat that nonetheless causes terrible stains on all your clothes? Well, I wouldn't want to smell, and I have the stains in my clothes, but not to this extreme already, so I'd choose the stains. Besides, I'd just have to get new clothes often.

Have one thick, furry eyebrow across your entire forehead -or- and inordinate amount of ear and nose hair that cannot be removed? I guess I'll spring for the uni-brow.

Have all your friends be smarter than you -or- have all your friends be much better looking than you? I guess I really wouldn't want to be the dumb or ugly girl, but if I HAD to choose, I'd rather be the dumb girl.

As a 25 year old, forget your entire childhood up to age 15 -or- lose your memory of the last 5 years? I'd rather forget my childhood, than forget my kids childhood.

As a groom, forget the ring -or- be one hour late for your wedding? Forget the ring, I'm sure someone has one we could borrow. Besides, if I was the bride and the groom was late, there probably wouldn't be a wedding.(excluding emergencies of course)

Be offensive -or- incredibly passive? Offensive, I cannot imagine not having an opinion...

Share your home with 6 90 year old men and 6 90 year old women -or- 2 ostriches? The 12 old people, old people are sweet and birds are not.

Get free gas for your car or the next 5 years -or- be exempt from speeding tickets for the rest of your life? I'd take the gas, if I ended up with a ticket, what I save on gas would pay for it.

Have the power to read minds -or- the power to make anyone fall in love with you? Read minds, no contest. at least you'd know what the other person thinks about you before wasting time trying to make them fall for you!

Spend every minute for the rest of your life indoors -or- outdoors? Tough call, but I'd say indoors, I can't take sleeping in the cold, rain, sleet, hail, snow, thunder, lightning....

Hand upside down suspended from the Eiffel Tower by a nylon cord -or- be strapped to the wing of a flying airplane with only duct tape? I hate both options, but I'd choose the Eiffel Tower because I'd move less, and at least I could hold on to it. Actually, I'd probably die of fright either way, heights freak me out.

Be 6 feet tall and ugly -or- 3 feet tall and beautiful? 3 feet tall and beautiful, like a fairy.

Be stranded on an island for 2 years with 20 friends -or- with a group of 20 famous people of your choosing? Friends, famous people are over-rated.

Be stuck in a warm, dark place -or- a cold, light place? Warm and dark.

Have a photo place always lose your photos -or- have the airlines always lose your luggage? Always lose my luggage, you can't get memories back.

This n that.....

I thought this outfit was especially cute...got 2 compliments on it at meeting! 20weeks....

My Mother's Day gift from Elliot...it says "My mom is beautiful. I love her because she gives me kisses when I go to school." They made us a candle holder, and the tea light inside has a heart on it. It smells really good. I also got 2 bags and a box of chocolate, and Ralph Lauren Blue perfume. It was a really good day. We had lunch at Mom and Dad's with a lot of the family.

Brookelyn's eye today
I went to Walgreen's last night and spent 1 1/2 hours going through pictures on Cd's to print them off. I really enjoyed it, some were from when we built our house, and the kids were so little. I was looking forward to getting the pictures, I haven't got around to going back to print pictures, and back then I didn't have the time to sit in Walmart editing them to be printed. Anyway, their machine malfunctioned and deleted my order, so it was a dramatic waste of time....
Brookelyn's eye is doing well, I ended up taking her to the ER, because when I called the nurse to see if we needed to be icing it, she asked if her pupils were the same size, which they weren't. She could, however, look up, down, right, & left, and her eye wasn't blood sot and didn't hurt unless she pressed on it. ( she pressed on it all day, and it totally gave me the willies....) They insisted I rush her into the ER, as she could have something more serious. We waited for 2hrs, and they said since she could look up, down, right , & left, and her eye wasn't blood shot, and it didn't hurt unless she pressed on it, that it wasn't anything to worry about and she would just bruise, which is really normal. (sorry for the extreme run-on...)
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