Tags and Bullets~

~ please refer to 2nd bullet for explanation of this picture.....

If you are reading this blog, you are considered to be tagged. Melissa, Lindsay, and Angie, you definitely are!

Here's the Tag:What I would like you to do is post a comment on someone else's Blog tonight - anyone you like, anywhere on the planet.
Make a note of the letters that make up the 'word verification' for your comment. Now write down a few words yourself on your Blog - the words starting with each verification letter you had to type in. So if you typed in 'kjdffs' to verify your comment, the first word of your little list would start K, the second J, the third D and so on.
Each word has to reflect something cool or important to you and your take on life! No cheating! Also tell us where you commented to get your letters!

I posted a comment on Aleigh's blog, and my letters were RYSTBA~

R~ Real, Romance. I like to be real and people who are real, and I love romance, but don't always find time for it.

Y~ Yearning for excitement and adventure. I love new experiences, and I love to try new things.

S~ Stand up for what I believe, opinionated! Spontaneity, and the spa. I'm always up for both.

T~ Thunderstorms and Truth. Love them both.

B~ Bliss & Innocence Photography. My business that I hope will grow and allow me to use my passion to help support my family.

A~ Art & Ambition. I love art and I love to be creative. I have ambition to do the things I love and sometimes for the things that just need to be done.
* I went garage saleing today and found some great buys. I got a Medela pump-in-style breast pump (if you CAN pump in style!!) for $75. It retails for $279.99. I also got an excersaucer for $5, and it plays music and everything! Also scored a car seat for $5 to send back with Jason's grandpa and grandma when they come back for Kimber's graduation. That way we won't have to travel with them when we go to Montana in July, and we can leave it there when we leave. I got about 8 pairs of jeans for Brookelyn for .25-.75. I got various clothes for Trae and yet un-named baby boy. I got Trae a pair of Bass dress shoes for $4. I'm not really sure if that's really a deal, but when I went to get shoes for special meeting, I couldn't find anything less than $15-20, so I'm being pro-active. Tomorrow Mom, Misty and I are going again, and I'm on the look out for a dresser for Trae, and then the new baby gets his dressing table/dresser combo.

* I received a letter from Elliot's school informing me that as part of the school health services and health awareness, they weighed and measured the kids to determine a BMI, which they then compare to other kids the same age and give them a percentile score. According to their findings, Elliot scored in the 91.8th percentile, putting him in the "at risk" category for becoming overweight. He is 4' tall, and weighs 58lbs. I do have to point out here that he doesn't have an ounce of fat on him. They also sent along a sheet with ideas for getting kids active. For anyone who knows Elliot, I think we can all agree he is plenty active! He wears a size 7 for the length, but sometimes needs a belt to keep them up. As you can tell fron the picture above, he's not at risk for for being overweight...

* Trae started a new, very cute thing. If he is falling asleep, but doesn't want to, or doesn't want me to know, he'll cover his eyes. He can't keep them open because he's so tired, but thinks I won't catch on if he covers them! He's a little stinker, I tried to get a picture, but he caught on and wanted down.
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