Results of the photo shoot, I love the "toughness" with his scraped head!

Brookelyn is such a girl....

I was rushing to get the kids ready for gospel meeting because I'm going it alone-Jason's out of town. Brookelyn keeps asking what color tights she should wear, pink or brown. I finally answer pink, and without missing a beat she goes, "I'll go brown."
I ended up ready early and Trae looked so cute I decided on a quick photo op. He didn't cooperate well here, and when I had everyone loaded in the van, I noticed it was only 6:50p.m. So I ran back in for my camera, and we stopped by the park for some more pictures. He really doesn't like to have his picture taken, and I got some really cute sober pictures, but not many smiling ones. Once I get them all edited, I will post them, along with the pictures of him with the puppies, and maybe a few of Nicole's bridal shower....

I remembered!

I wanted to post Trae's new words, he's learning new words like crazy!
Diapah(diaper), yes, Misty, Nikki(nichi), beep beep, poop, please, tractor...bruum,bruum!
Favorite words: Ball, night night, all done.

I saw these really neat things called Hot Hugs at the waterpark. It's a stuffed animal that has an insert that you can warm up and it is infused with lavender and chamomile. I am going to attempt to make my own as they cost $30, but if anyone has one, let me know how they work...I am desperate to get Trae sleeping better. I think I may have one ready for the new baby so that he has a security object that is not my hair. Both of my boys used my hair to get to sleep, and it's so sweet and tender at first. Then they become toddlers and it starts to hurt, never mind get tiring to have someone pull your hair for hours in a day. I checked online to see if they'd be cheaper, but they're actually the same or more once you add shipping.


* Trae had 6 dirty diapers and 5 naps yesterday....now he has a rash.
* We (finally!) booked airline tickets to Montana. They were up to $840.00 per ticket, and the prices dropped considerably yesterday. We leave July 3, and return July 11.
* Jason is out of town tonight. He gets to stay at his mom and dad's.
* Saturday morning Misty, Mom, and I are going to city wide garage sales in Hortonville. Then I'm shooting a wedding in the afternoon.
* Nikki & Tony get married one month from yesterday!
* I thought I had a lot to post, but obviously not.....
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