Our baby boy........

In case we had any doubt...
I love this picture, the detail is amazing.

The baby was sucking on his toes and putting his hands over his eyes. He will fit into our family just perfect.

Brookleyn was average or above average in her testing for school, and the psychologist said she has no problems giving her a recommendation for kindergarten. They did say if it was their child, they'd hold her, as a little more time definitely can't hurt her. They said school is very competitive now days too. I figure if we keep her back, if she falls in love with someone, we'll get to keep her a year longer. None of this getting married when she's 18 stuff. My poor dad gave two of us away w/in 9 months. I just wish they had pre-K or something because she loves to be around other kids. She made a really cute Mayday basket and some other cute little projects and lots of little friends. Sounds like she had a blast today.

A gazillion pictures.....

The puppies will all be gone on Saturday. My sister's named them Goliath, Oscar, Tank, and Fury. She got changed to Jessie by her owner. Goliath is being donated for a seeing eye dog. He will have 3yrs of training, and then go to someone who really needs him. I think it's awesome.

Trae's diaper leaked and we forgot to pack extra clothes...if we left him in just his diaper he took it off. I thought this was pretty creative!
Their pimped out ride
Brookelyn's new shades
Elliot "helping" reel in her fish
Grandpa helping with the fish business
Like father like son...they stand the exact same way!
Brookelyn reeling for all she's worth...all three she tried to reel in got away! Elliot was freaking right out and really disappointed they kept getting off. Brookelyn really didn't care if she reeled any in or not, so we quit trying to see of she could do it!
Crab Cake?? Ya think? It must be the shirt.
It totally looks like he's throwing a fit, but he's actually so tired that he's falling asleep!
Trae waking daddy

Trae last week.

Yeah!!!! Image upload in 30seconds. *tear*

It's a baby boy belly!! Me @ 19weeks.

Brookelyn's headed to school

Today, Brookelyn is headed into school for 1/2 day to see how she integrates with the kids. She is going to be in the other class from Elliot. At 1pm, I have a meeting with the school psychlogist to discuss her recommendations as far as Brookelyn going to kindrgarten in the fall. She is really excited, she even picked up her room this morning! I am so excited for her...she loves going to Elliot's school to read books to the class or have lunch, that way she can play with the kids at recess. After the meeting, I'll let you guys know what we're going to do, and hopefully beable to post pictures. I have like a million things I want to post....
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