It's a healthy baby.....

So we had the ultrasound this morning. The woman who starts the scan was training and we told her right away we wanted to know the sex. She said that if she could tell us for sure, she'd say, otherwise she'd get all the measurements and things she needed, and then the next tech could tell us for certain. We kept getting glimpses and I thought I could tell, but since the trained tech wasn't saying, I lay there on the table ready to combust with anticipation. Finally after 40 minutes, we got a VERY clear shot of the genitals, and she asked "So, would you like to know the gender of your baby?" Hello, uh, yea, any day now...."It's a boy" I said. He has a sizeable package for such a little peanut! I am so over the moon in love with the little guy, that it softens the blow of being wrong. I really hate to be wrong about things, and I hope the little man can forgive me for calling him "she" up until now. He looked perfect and was very cooperative with the tech's, each time they would say they needed a specific picture of something, he'd give them just that! His heart rate was 146BPM, and he weighs 11ounces. Brookelyn was happy, she didn't cry like the last time....he's really super cute, but my computer doesn't want to upload today, so no pictures, but tomorrow when my high speed is hooked up, I'll try to post pics. I can't wait to show him off.
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