This weather is a total downer. I had dreams of taking the kids for walks and playing out in the yard, and it just keeps raining. And raining...I also have a rickin' photo shoot I want to do with Trae, and I've waited 5 weeks! My dad's dog had puppies, and he has a John Deere tractor with a wagon. I want to take it down by the river across the road, and put Trae is little bibs and a hat, and put all the puppies in the trailer. It will be so precious if I get it done before they're all sold....I want to take the kids to the park on a sunny day and get updated pictures to. I suppose I have all summer for that.
I can barely contain my excitement about my impending ultrasound. I was thinking for some reason that it was next Tuesday, and then my dear sister, Misty, burst my bubble by telling me the 30th is on Wednesday. Good she did though, because I may have gone on Tuesday....Oh, and Brookelyn like Kitus (kite-us) for a boy. Hmm, I wonder if this child will produce grand kids,and what kind of names she'll bestow on them?
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