Elliot is being sassy....

Lately, whenever I ask Elliot to help out clearing the table or picking up his clothes, or picking up his toys, he tells me that he has to do EVERYTHING, and I don't do anything. We had this discussion about how he can help put his own things away, and how mommy does the cooking and the laundry and alot of other things. I also told him it is disrespectful to talk to your mom that way, and I didn't want to hear him say that to me anymore. So, tonight, him and Brookelyn made a snack of shredded wheat, and then graham crackers, which they dunk in water...?? Anyway, they made a sizable mess, and I asked them to clean it up because it was their mess. Elliot went into one, so I decided that he could do it by himself, and explained that because he was throwing a fit and telling me no, he now had to do it all by himself. You know, the whole cause and effect thing? He went into his little tirade about how I don't do anything, and he does EVERYTHING. He was yelling at me, and the kid must have guts because I got right in his face and told him I didn't want to hear him talk to me like that(I wasn't yelling) and he just repeated it again. He ended up with a tap on the mouth, as he just kept yelling over me, and then he said it one more time! I tapped his mouth again, not hard, but enough to make my point. Trae learned please,so the sweetness of that counter acts Elliot's rudeness, and hopefully we can get the politeness to stick and the rudeness to leave.

Trae's favorite word is "ball" which is also so sweet when he says it. If he wants to go outside, he stands by the door and says ball, because there are balls outside. If he wants a clementine, he stands by the refrigerator and says ball, because they look like little balls. He got 100 balls for his birthday, and he throws them over the gate by the basement stairs, and then stands there saying ball until one of the kids goes and gets some. Then one by one he throws them over again, watches them bounce all the way down, and begins again.
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