Today we went shopping with Misty, she wanted to find a dress for Nicole's wedding. She got the same as me, which is super cute. She had a doctors appointment to, so it worked out well. I found some great deals at Goodwill on maternity clothes, I found some really comfy dresses for summer. I also bought some light clothes for shooting weddings, as I roasted on Saturday. I figured I'd recap my day as I was posting anyway, but what I really wanted to post about:

We arrived back at about 4:20p.m. At 4:30p.m. the neighbor kids showed up. They came over last night and played on the Barbie Jeep and Gator, the kids had fun. The one kid, Danny, is like 15. The other one is 5, his name is Cole. There is also Carly, who is like 8 or 9. So, Cole knocks on our door, and when I answer, they are around the front of the house waiting for me to talk to them. Cole demands to drive "the cars" while Danny looks at the ground. I tell Cole that we are getting ready to leave, and the batteries are charging from last night, but he's welcome to play with Brookelyn on the swing set. (my mom picked Elliot up from school) He says no, he wants to drive the cars. I explain again, and he says "we can't drive them cuz there not charged, and I wanna drive them" He finally agrees to play on the swing set, and they play there for about 1/2 hr. I was walking around the yard with Trae, and I see them go into the garage, Danny on the lookout, and Cole trying to get the Barbie Jeep out quick. I tell Danny that my husband is on his way home and then we are leaving, so please tell him not to take out the jeep. He looks at the ground and mumbles "what?" I say it again, and he ignores me, so I tell Cole that we aren't getting the jeep out because we are getting ready to leave. He crosses his arms aver his chest and says "I'm never gonna be able to come here again." I told him he is welcome to come play again, but we are leaving blah....blah...same thing I've been saying about the jeep. Danny tells him "not to be like that" and he says "I can't play here ever again, you don't even like me anymore!" Uhhh, you're right you ungrateful brat, I don't. Actually, I do like you, but I don't like your attitude. Or the fact that you'll be watching our house all summer, so when we come home, you can come over and demand to take our cars for a spin. So off they went, him pouting and crying.

I must note that this Danny is odd. While we were building our house, he would sit in our ditch and spy on us through the weeds, which made me uncomfortable. I would go invite him to hang out, and he would just get up and run off. One time after we had moved in, I noticed he was by our pond. I walked out there and asked him not to play by our pond (or on our land w/out asking for that matter)because we didn't want anyone getting hurt, and he turned around and looked into the weeds, and then took off running without saying anything. He was telling me today that Cloe's dad pulled him out of school because people pick ed on him to much and called him names. I asked if they were going to home school him then, and he said "No, he's just keepin him out, he's just done." I was like "well, he can't not go to school, I mean there's like laws that say they have to go" and he says "well, legally, he can drop out at 16....." Ohhh...okay, that make sense. Carly and Cole are brother and sister, and they live with their grandma, who is Danny's mom. The dad probably just doesn't want to get the kid ready for school. I'm not sure what the deal is, because up until now, only Carly lived there. I'm guessing he's mine for the summer, and I'm glad the kids made friends with him. I do feel sorry for the kid, he looks like he's about 3, but he's 5. As long as they stay out of my house while I'm gone, I figure a little friendship never hurt anyone. It's hard to beleive that a five year old has to "drop out" because he's being teased, so I'm glad my kids get along with him.
Tonight during meeting, Trae was a total crab. Very fitting...he wore a shirt today that said crab cake...anyway we were out for the majority of the meeting. When the last hymn began, I said "let's go by dad" Trae would start to follow, and as soon as I stopped to make sure he was coming, he'd flop down on the floor and throw a fit. no crying or anything, just rolling around on the floor like he was about to go into one. Finally, after 3 times, I walked into meeting without him and he stood by the table and cried. We were at mom and dad's, so it's not like it was an unfamiliar place. He thinks I'm wrapped around his finger, bot did I show him;0)
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