Kids are funny....

Last night as we were getting ready to leave mom and dad's, Elliot and Brookelyn were arguing over who got the middle seat. Elliot was telling her that he was going to make a sign saying " Elliot sits here." She said " No Elliot, that's not the situation..." When I got into the van, she was crying, and I asked her what was wrong. She was trying to get it out, and he's like " Mom, here's the issue. I'm makin' a sign that this is Elliot's seat.....blah blah...and she's trying to talk over him and give her side of the "situation" while doing lip-ups.
Today, I was going through the pictures of the wedding I shot on Sat., and Brookelyn was watching. There was a shot of the miniature brides shoes and bouquet, and Brookelyn asked if I liked her shoes. I replied "yeah, there pretty cute." She goes "yeah, I think they're kinda dorky too." It's almost like she thought I really didn't like them, but didn't want to tell her, so she was letting me know her opinion.
She wants to name the baby Martha for a girl.
Oh, and one last one. Today, her and Trae and I were sitting on the couch, and she goes " Mom, how come Trae's such a short (pause) chubby guy?" ;)

I've tried to post pictures 3 times today, and to no avail...will try again tomorrow.

Weekend haze

We had a very busy weekend. On Saturday, I shot a wedding, which was a total blast...the couple was very cooperative. We went to Lawrence Chapel and got some awesome shots. They arrived via Harley to their reception at the Le Meridian, and pulled right into the hall on them. Talk about a grand entrance. We got some awesome shots there to. They were great, and they said they'll recommend us, Yea!!
On Sunday, we had lunch at mom and dad's, and then took nice long naps. It felt great. For supper, we packed sandwiches and went to the boat landing across the road for a picnic and some fishing. The kids had a blast, Elliot especially. We don't think Brookelyn will be much of a fisher woman, but she had fun getting muddy and playing on the Ranger. At one point, Elliot wasn't watching his pole, and before we knew it, the pole was being dragged into the river! It was hilarious to watch my dad throw down his pole, leap over Brookelyn's pole, and grab Elliot's pole just in the nick of time. Mom and I couldn't stop laughing, and of course he's like "what?" Overall, we had 6 fish on, but only actually got two reeled in...My computer isn't letting me upload pictures, so I'll try again later.
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