Today we met Marsha and the girls at the outlet mall in Oshkosh. I found a lot of deals on things for the kids, and found the most gorgeous dress for Nicole's wedding. I had bought one several months ago, and then I found a really cute one at Old Navy, so I got that one too. When I walked into Motherhood, I saw this dress that was super cute, but I didn't like the price tag...I ended up trying it on and it was so perfect for a beach wedding that I had to buy it. We grabbed lunch at Taco Bell, and headed home in time for Elliot to get off the bus. Trae was especially great today, he just vegged out in the stroller while we shopped. He finally cut both of his bottom molars, and I think the ear infection is clearing up, so I have my happy boy back again!
Nicole and I went into Wittenburg to meet with her florist, who ended up not being there. Her husband was, and he said we'd "probably want to come back again when she was here..." I told him the problem with that was we drove an hour to meet with her, and he said "I thought you came from Clintonville" I asked him for directions from Clintonville, but we actually came from Manawa. We ended up picking out the flowers and I took pictures on my camera phone so when I call her, I know what I'm talking about. Nicole doesn't deal with people, so I am...Tony met us there to help with the flower selections, and we went to check out Mission Lake where they're getting married. We came back here and threw together a wedding invitation...I had taken a silhouette shot a few weeks ago that we are using for the invitation, so they decided on a time and I did up a sample on photoshop for their approval before I print them.
Steve stopped by to pick up a buffet that we sold them, and played baseball with the kids for a few minutes...Elliot is getting really good at hitting the ball! He would hit it and then Steve would run for it while Elliot ran the "bases" The circle of bases got smaller and smaller since they weren't marked with anything. He had a blast, and wants to start a team.
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