Crazy day

Brookelyn has a double ear infection. She complained of ear pain this a.m. and said if I called the doctor then, she could go in and find out what was wrong with her ear, we could come back home, and I could take her to school.(today was the kindergarten eval) She did well I guess, they have to score the evaluation, and then they'll send me an official report. They couldn't beleive that she had no problem with me leaving and coming back later to get her. They even invited her to have recess with Elliot! They said when Elliot saw her he got all excited and said "My sisters here!!" Then he walked down the hall with his arm around her telling everyone " this is my sister, Brookelyn." Apparently, the pain wasn't to bed, she was in a really giggly mood all day. I heard her laughing hysterically and when I went to see what it was all about, Trae had a sippy cup top by the handles and was tryin gto drink out of it, but it wasn't even attached to a cup! She thought that was really funny, and when she was trying to tell me about it, she just kept cracking up. Then, in the doctor's office, he was pretending her belly button was a door bell, and she would throw her head back and laugh everytime he'd "ring" it. It was great to see her in a good mood, despite being sick.

On another note, I finally got into the herb store in town and had an oil customized to help with my sciatic nerve pain. My right leg has been pretty well numb the last week during the night. Kind of an odd sensation when you crawl out of bed half asleep to pee and your leg is numb...anyway, for anyone interested, they used castor oil as a carrier oil, which is supposed to be an anti-inflammatory and then added almond, geranium, lemon, ginger, and frankincense. I plan to try it tonight, and I'll let you know how it works. additoinally, I bought some Bija healing tea, Double ginger...mmmm. Should help with the morning sickness and heartburn. I will have to call tomorrow and make sure that the castor oil in it isn't enough to induce labor, if it can induce it by being absorbed rather than ingested.

It is kind of a dull, sad day today, but when I open my doors, I can hear the frogs singing and see the ducks on the pond and the crains in the field and I know spring is here. I am feeling so free and happy these days, and I've discovered again what I love about my husband. It's fun to be togethere as a family without the work thing looming over my head, and I'm so glad it's working out. I get to get my creative juices flowing Saturday, as I have a wedding, so I'm really stoked, it will be a nice break, and I'll be home to tuck my kids into bed WITH my husband.

Thoughts on Labor

*I know I can get through it...but for some reason, I am really scared this time.
*I am hoping that the baby is face down, because Brookelyn and Trae were both face up, and that causes back labor. Which is not pretty. I dilated to 4 with both of them and then in one contraction the baby turned and was born. I figure if the baby is face down, my labor should be short and sweet. The pain was all in my back, it wasn't the oushing or dilating that really hurt, but since I really didn't push, that would make sense.
*I hope the baby comes early again. I am due September 20th, but that is a Marion convention time, and I'd really lik eto be there. If I haven't had the baby yet, I assume I will go into labor at convention, so I can't go. My labors are short 7hrs, 4hrs,4hrs so if the labor goes as I'm hoping 1 1/2 hrs, I won't make the hospital. Trae was the closest to his due date at 8 days early, so i don't think I have to worry.
*I know that when it's all over, it won't matter the pain i had to go through, so I'm trying not to stress to much!
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