Dr. Appointment

I went into the doctor today for a routine check-up, for anyone interested in stats: The baby's heartbeat was 140-148BPM I saw the nurse practitioner because my doc was on vacation. The baby was moving around a lot, so I don't know if that was accurate...my last appointment the heart rate was 165BPM,and the time before that it was 175BPM. She says she thinks its a boy "just because" I guess I wouldn't be to surprised either. This is usually how it goes, I start doubting my "feeling" right before my ultrasound As long as s/he is healthy, we're happy. I also do a lot of stressing right beforehand....on the "up" side, I gained another 3lbs. I was reading in Fit Pregnancy while I was there that belly dancing can help ease the pain of labor. I guess it can't hurt anything. I plan to do this along with Yoga, and hopefully it will help. My guess is it is still going to hurt ALOT, but at least I am in better shape when I'm done.

Just like Daddy

Trae had to take care of his whiskers this morning. It was cute until he started to lick it, then it was just gross. I was envisioning a bloody tongue...!

I don't like to brag, but...

Jason was making comments last night suggesting that I am a wimp. I challenged him to a sit-up contest, which he declined at first saying " I don't want you to hurt the baby" I insisted the baby would be fine, and said if he's going to talk smack, we'll work it out on the sit-up floor. We used to have these contests when we were dating, I always won. To make the story short, I won again, at 4+ months pregnant. I'd tell you the score, (I only won by 1)but that would make us both look like wimps...but my stomach muscles aren't any worse for the wear this morning, I thought I'd be hobbling around. My tailbone, however, is throbbing from laying on the hard floor. It was worth it though, I get a little competitive sometimes:0)
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