Here are the pictures of the kids all ready for special meeting...Trae had a blast taking the pictures. He was happy-go-lucky;0) The first meeting was a little rough, Trae didn't want to sit and really wanted to go down all the dark halls, which I didn't really want to do because I wanted to be able to find my way back! Jason finally got him to sleep, and he slept the rest of the meeting. We figured out that he has a molar coming in that must really be bugging him because when we put Oragel on it, it alters his mood dramatically. Between that and Tylenol, he did okay. The second meeting, he fell asleep about 20 min. in, and slept the entire meeting. I was sooo tired when we got home, so Jason watched the kids, and I took a nap.I don't even remember falling asleep, it must have been instant. On days like today, I wonder what we'll do next year with 4 kids...but a family with 8 kids was sitting a few rows ahead of us and they seemed fine. We did decide we're not doing that though! So far, everyone is rooting for a girl. "It's like, well, either would be nice, but I hope it's a girl" Elliot and Brookelyn were having the arguement the other day. He tried telling her the baby was a boy, and she yelled " you don't know that, and you can't know that 'till the baby is born!" Or April 30, whichever comes first. I'm looking forward to it alot, and I think it will be nice to be prepared for whatever is coming. If it's a girl, all we need to do is wash up the clothes. If it's a boy, we need to figure out when we can build a room in the basement, because I don't think three boys will fit in one room. A boy would be nice, though because he would be really close in age to Trae. I will be shocked if it's a boy though, I really feel like it's a girl.

The kids are currently playing hide-and-seek. Jason is hiding in the closet. They both checked there together, and neither one spotted him. He is not covered up or anything, which just goes to show how well kids look for things:0) They decided 24 was a good number to count to...! Trae even has the hang of it, he's looking behind the toilet and everything for daddy.
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