17 weeks

Trae trying on my glasses...he gets a hold of them every chance he can!

17weeks today...this is the dress I'm wearing to mtg tomorrow, and probably the outfit I'll end up wearing to special mtg on Wed. Check out the new paint color. jason finished painting this afternoon, so we ended up heading into town for groceries instead of swimming. I ended up with 2, yes 2 cold sores. They are huge and itchy, but I got a Lysine treatment and they started to dry up already. If you look close you can see them in the pics;$

uggg!!!!! More snow.........

It's no wonder we're all feeling crabby and depressed. It's been raining or sleeting for the last 3-4 days. I woke up this morning and looked out my window to our yard covered in white. I am so sick of the snow, I just want spring to be here.
Jason is painting the bathroom today...finally. He started the bedroom a few weeks ago, and then was out of town for 2 weeks. The weekend between, he went shooting at the range,which was okay because it was for charity, but after not seeing him for a week, it irritated me that he went the whole day and I had to work the whole weekend. Then he was out of town 2 more days the next week. It will be nice to have it done though, I hate sitting in the middle of projects. We may go swimming tonight, we'll see. Tomorrow is special meeting, so we'll want the kids in bed early. Trae was a bear last night. The kids and I went to mom and dad's to visit with a friend we haven't seen in awhile. He threw a fit almost the entire time we were there...he'd calm down and then forget that he was over it, and start up all over again. He has an ear infection and a cough, and he sounds like a teapot when he breathes, so I imagine he's miserable. I'm exhausted from the past week of having a crabby child and no husband to take over. I got a cold sore last night. I've had one for my last three doctor's visits. I usually get them when I'm stressed. Oh, and it's in the same spot as the last two, and it feels like 3-4 blisters, so it should be a doozy. I will post belly pic's soon....
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