Good Riddance....Warning: lots of ***** in this post. If you thinkthat may offend you, please skip reading my post for today.

So, last night was my last night. At the start of my shift, my boss came up and asked if I had decided to stay on yet. He's hilarious. The house I worked at has a lot of severe mental illness as opposed to mild MR, alcohol abuse and things we have at the other homes. The people there are really sick, and the hard part is that they don't think they are so they rant and rave and their moods are up and down all night. There is one client who is especially rude there,a big Lady that could throw me over her shoulder if she wanted. She is a slob, and when I ask her to clean up after herself, she gets angry and refuses. We have to dole out her cigarettes, so she asked for one and I handed her the baggie, which she dropped. She asks me to pick it up. I hesitate, thinking "why should I?" I pick it up for her and she demands a lighter, which she can't have on her own. I tell her I need it back then and she yanks it out of my hand. I told her she didn't need to have such an attitude, which I think shocked her because everyone is afraid of her.(including me) She goes to the door and stands in the doorway, blocking it so another client and I can't get out while she wraps her blanket around herself. The other client says, "uu, we can't get out because some one's blocking the door." Like hint hint, move...she stays where she is, so he pushes past her and calls her an a-hole. He is small, but she must be afraid of him because instead of hitting or pushing him back, she goes into a tirade that makes no sense. She never makes sense, especially when she's mad. I stand there watching them all smoke and argue, hoping that no one throws a punch, bites, or kicks. Luckily it's my last day, so if I don't intervene, I won't be in to much trouble. It was pouring and windy,and the sirens in town were going off. I thought to myself, " what am I doing here inhaling these nasty cigarettes with people who are so delusional and sick, they could kill me and not think twice?" The smoking bit comes with the job...I try to have someone else do it if they can, so I don't have to expose my baby to the smoke. Don't get me wrong, I feel for these people and have compassion, but just realized this isn't the best place to be with 3 kids and a husband at home and a baby on the way. I really tried not to think about it to much while I was working there, but it's always in the back of your head that they could snap at any moment. Like what if they got ahold of a knife and hacke dsomeone to bits? What if they commit suicide and you are the one to find them?
Things calmed down, and I was sitting reading a book. It was after the 8pm med pass, and most everyone was in their rooms and occupied. There were 2 clients in the living room watching a movie, and I hear the one ( 20 year old w/brain function of a 5 yr old, with hormones surging through his body) start cat calling at the TV, and the other client ( older gentleman, Mild MR, behavior issues) says this is gross,I don't want to watch this. I investigate to see whats on, because we have rules about what can be watched in the common areas of the home. I discover that it is essentially pornography, and ask the client to turn it off. He starts yelling and cussing, saying Tom says he can watch it. Tom is my boss, and we have strict rules about anything with sex being watched in common areas. They can watch it in their room, just not where it makes everyone (like me) uncomfortable. He continued to argue, so I ejected the tape, which he yanked out of my hand and says he's putting back in. If I wrote all the expletives he spat out, your ears would sting for a week. He continued to argue with me, the other client saying it's gross anyway, and another male client(50's, severe schizo, who has a thing for me, and both my sister's) steps in to "protect" me. The other staff was downstairs doing additional meds, and didn't come up until I told her if she didn't, I was calling Tom. (The Boss) The reason I was going to call him is because the unruly client got major upset, getting within inches of my face spitting and yelling and cussing. I stood in front of the VCR, and told him I could unplug it if that's what he wanted, but we are not watching those types of movies in the living room. He is escalating, but I am not backing down. I am not afraid of this particular client, he is a compulsive liar,and talks big, but the second you threaten to call Tom, he backs down. He is up in my face and starts pointing at my face with the tape I removed for him. He gets closer,and I back up, but I'm up against the TV stand and can't go further. He was so close and is just itching to hit me with the tape, and gets so close that I duck to miss it. I really get upset,and tell him to back off now, and if he so much as touches me with the tape I will call the cops and press charges.( and I would have) Of course he backs off, but continues yelling and cursing at me. The schizo client (pardon me, I can't use their names) is rambling at my ear and telling him that he better back off and you can't hurt women, if you do your a coward, god loves you, do the right thing...........................................................................................and on and on and on...the other staff comes up to see what the problem is and agrees with me (told ya so;) and he says if she calls back-up he'll kick their ***and if they call Tom, he'll kick Tom's *** and then he'll kick her *** for calling them. He was going to kick my *** for taking his movie out, and if we called Tom right now, we'd find out that this was all clear with Tom, and he could do whatever he wants in this house. We had to call back-up twice because he just wouldn't calm down, but the back-up guy that was on is lazy and talked to him on the phone the first time, and said he'd send Tom over the second time. Tom never showed up. He calmed down after about an hour and fifteen. He tries to convince the other client to come up to his room to watch the movie, which he declines because he doesn't want to watch it, it's gross. Probably also has to do with the fact that it's with another guy, and that guy comes onto him sometimes, which is why they can't be in his room together. He may make him do something he doesn't want to. So, the unruly client is going to have me "laid off" like he did last time when I was being a *****!! I wanted to tell him so bad it was my last night anyway and I was GLAD, but if the schizo client heard he'd obsess all night about my leaving him. He always makes comments to me when I tell him no about going for a walk or tell him he can't just yank other peoples smokes out of their mouth and finish them, you know major things like that, he'll say "if that's the way you go about starting a relationship, you wrong. I'm a good guy, your not going to find a boyfriend like that...and on...and on...and on......." When I remind him that I'm married, and where not "together" he says "just drop it, I don't wanna talk about it" Wow, I laugh as I remember these things, but they are just exhausting and irritating to listen to day after day. So, I say good riddance to that job, someone else can step in where I left off and take the abuse for while. I've had enough to last a lifetime.
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