Sick little boy...

Traeman has an ear infection. The first one...poor little guy woke up with a fever this morning and looked completely miserable. I took him in because he hasn't been himself for the past couple of days,and when he spiked a fever, I knew something was up. They also drew blood to check his iron because he's been licking and chewing on my parents stone fireplace. The doctor is checking just to be sure it's not Pica, a disease where they either have anemia or elevated iron levels that makes them crave things like mortar and rocks and other non-food items. I assume it's just for attention, since every time we hear his teeth scrape across the rocks we tell him to STOP!! and he just laughs. It really bothers my dad, and Trae will go up to the fireplace and look back to make sure we're watching, and then inch closer and closer and then bite the rock. It gives me the willies. Anyway, we're ruling the Pica thing out to be on the safe side. Oh, and the point of all that was to tell the story of them getting the blood for the iron test....
As soon as they touched him to put the band around his arm, he started getting fussy and looking at me like "why are these people touching me, and you're just letting them?" I had to hold him down, not my forte. He screamed and then screamed bloody murder when they put the needle in. He was shaking his head no, and i'm going "what does the doggy say Ruff, ruff....I'm sorry honey, mommy's sorry." After 60-90 seconds, (an eternity for babies and needle phobics) the nurse proclaims "Oh, oops I blew it, I had it and it just stopped..." Not a drop of blood in the syringe. So we switch sides and Finnegan began again. Trae obviously freaked out when they came at him with the arm thingy and started screaming. The second time was like 20 seconds and filled a full vial so I don't know what the nurse was doing the first time when it took an eternity. Mean old witch. So, after the blood was drawn and we were waiting for her to figure out how to put on a bandaid, we cried.
I had to get something to wear for special meeting, so we met Heather and Logan at the mall. Trae was a little angel, and just vegged out in the stroller while we shopped. I didn't buy anything there except lunch, so we (me and the kids) headed to Old Navy. We struck out there for me, but got some good deals on things for the kids, especially Trae. I ran into Gordman's, the only other place I could think of that sells maternity clothes, and found a Motherhood Maternity dress there. They have things that are in the store a few bucks cheaper, so it's probably sewn crooked or something, but the mission was accomplished. They also had great deals on books, so we picked out a few for the kids for meeting.
The line for the pharmacy was a mile and a half long, but once we got that taken care of, we picked Elliot up from school and headed home. Yea!! Trae is a bear now that we're home so i'm staying home from bible study, so hopefully he'll be feeling much better by Sunday.
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