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We moved Trae's crib out of our room, (I know, it's about time) and we put him down in there after we rock him to sleep, but usually he ends up in our bed by 2a.m. Last night, he was in our bed when I got home around 11:15, so I put him in his crib. He slept there until 5:30a.m.!!! When he sleeps by me, he started this new thing where he wraps his arms around me neck as tight as they go and has them all wrapped up in my hair. Then he nuzzles his face into my neck. I feel like he's not getting enough air, but when I try to pull back some, he grabs my hair and pulls my head right back where it was. So my my neck is out, and I don't sleep good when he's in there because i'm worried he can't breathe and he pulls my hair when he starts to wake up. My boys have always had a thing for hair, and since he ditched his Nuk, thats his comfort thing. So hopefully he'll start sleeping like last night, every night. That would be a good thing.


I had an entire post disappear this morning, got frustrated and gave up. I was having technical difficulty typing and had to keep correcting my mistakes, so hopefully this will be a better posting experience:0)

Jason is out of town until at least Wed, so i'm here all by my lonesome. We thought the dryer was broken as it was making a very disturbing noise, but after taking it apart, Jason discovered an allen wrench and a nail. I can't imagine life without a washer and dryer...I got alot of wash done today.
Last night when I got home from work it was raining softly and the frogs were singing like mad. I thought of the first night we spent here. The frogs were singing so loud and it immediatly felt like home. We lived in a neighborhood while we were building our house that was alive at night. People squealing tires and yelling at each other, dogs barking. We even watched our neighbor from the other side of the duplex get arrested. I feel safe here all the time, but it does get long when you've got three kids demanding food & drink & stories & clothes & baths & food & drink & oh, yeah tattling. That is the most frustrating thing. This to shall pass.
Brookleyn and I were eating lunch the other day ( grill cheese & tomoto soup which is irrelevant to the story) and she says totally out of the blue," wouldn't you be so mad if your tractor talked?" I looked at her and said,"what now?" "Well, wouldn't you be really mad if you had a tractor and it talked? I'd be really mad." "I don't get it, who has a tractor that talks?" "Well, Bob the Builder has a talking tractor." Then she continued eating her lunch.
Trae's new thing is standing by the door and saying "go buh-bye?" He says it really soft and sweet compared to his usual aggressive way of asking for things. He also takes his diaper off when he wets it or dirties it. People keep saying it's a great time to potty train him, and I have put him on the potty, but I really don't know how to go about training a 15 month old to use the potty. Our pediatrician we had with the other kids said not to even try before age two, but it would be sweet to have him out of diapers before the baby comes. I'm sure he'll lose interest if we actually wanted him to do it. If anyone has ideas or info, i'd love to hear it. It could be like the "good ole' days" where kids were potty trained by their first birthday!
So, speaking of the baby, we are having an atrocious time with names. It's not that we don't have names that we like, it's just that we have names that we each like but none we both like. Which is as good a reason as any to ask for name suggestions again. I got a weak response last time because no one wanted to share "all their good names" but if you could just list names you heard. Aleigh did this once with one of her friends and they decided on Trae Elliot! So, the more names the better, and if we use someone's suggestion, I will buy you coffee!
Elliot is pooping in the kids bathroom right now, and Brookelyn is pooping in our bathroom right now. The both have the doors open, and they are yelling back and forth to each other. Hmmm...elimination bonding. I think we need to crack down on the closing the door rule.
Well, I like to keep it short and sweet, so tata for now!
I hope it works this time...!
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