I feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted off of my shoulders. I didn't realize how much tension my job actually caused. I feel much better knowing I have 6 shifts, and then i'm all done. How liberating. I called my boss, Tom, and asked how he was doing... "I'm good. I got a really good job doing photography and that's what I love, so i'll be done when my scheduled shifts are over"....short and sweet and awkward, but maybe I can sleep tonight. It's a dreary day today and i'm craving chicken nuggets and fries from McDonalds. I have been having really intense cravings lately. Saturday night I woke up about 2a.m. and was craving Waffle Crisp. I had to talk myself out of it. I figure i've made it through 3 pregnancies w/out nighttime feeding, so why start now?? Here's to a good day, and some chicken nuggets and fries. I feel like crying i'm so relieved. Now I am crying.

Birthday Wishes fit for a princess....

Happy 27th Birthday Casey!!!
Love, The Rugrats xoxoxo

Happy 26th Birthday Auntie Misty!!!...on the 12th.
Love The Rugrats xoxoxo
p.s. We know you guys are a team, so we posted your birthday wishes together...it's not like we forgot or anything. Come to think of it, our mom has a terrible memory these days!
Hello All- Technically it's Monday. Heartburn and random thoughts are keeping me awake tonight and I read through earlier posts to pass the time. Seems that I have posted before when I couldn't sleep and thought I'd give it a try this morning. I noticed alot of spelling and grammatical errors which really bother me, but not bad enough to go through and pull them all back up to correct my mistakes:0)
Whats really on my mind?? I get to quit my job tomorrow, and I don't know how to put it in words for my boss...I had a small disagreement with another staff person a few weeks ago and I want to make sure he knows that's not why I'm leaving.
The baby has been moving like crazy and I think we've (I) decided to find out what we're having. We are having a hard time with names, so if we only have to agree on one, that makes it easier. April 30 is the ultrasound, so I'm anxiously waiting. I am in denial about the giving birth part....but let's be optimistic and shoot for no more than two hours! My legs have been falling asleep the last few days, I think it's my sciatic nerve, so I think I'll try to get into the chiro this week. Jason is out of town all week, so it may not happen, we'll see. I am starting to dry heave, so i'm hoping if I head to bed, i'll fall asleep and forgo the throw up dance. Night night....
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