I got my shoot schedule for this summer....and I am shooting enough weddings that it will allow me to quit at the group home! Can I get a YeeHaw? I am putting my notice in on Monday, and I plan on having Thursday, April 10 be my last day. This is huge for me, it will allow waaaay more time with the kids, as most weddings are Fri&Sat, and i've been working 3 days a week. The awesome thing is I will make more working less and be doing something I love. My sister will be happy, she's afraid for my life. Not really, but she claims the clients target pregnant women, so the sooner I get out of there the better. Jason and I are going out tonight, we don't really have an agenda, just want to get some space from the kids, or is it time with each other?? Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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