Trae's first haircut

All pooped out and ready for bed.
dimples, how cute!
They got in the spirit and the diaper came off.
gettin' jiggy with his bad self!
Viola! no more curls!
all done.
apparently he was getting impatient!
The first cut.
His adorable curls..i'm going to miss them.
Trae's hair before the cut
I finally broke down and agreed to cut Trae's hair. I had to cut a snarl out of it yesterday, and I figured there wasn't really any way i'd get him to sit still to comb out his hair:0) He did great, he wasn't scared of the scissors or anything. He did wiggle alot though! He decided to pull his diaper off and dance when it was all over, so he must have been waiting for this day his whole life!! I was a little sad, but he did look mighty handsome when he was done. Cross that off the ever shortening list of firsts:0(
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