Well, Traesyn has adapted to his new home well. He has 5 other dogs to play with. This lady rescues mistreated dogs, so some of them will go once she can place them. She is keeping Treasyn, and if Nikki & Tony can take him when they move, then he'll be headed to California. The kids haven't made a peep about missing him, and when we suggested they say goodbye, Brookelyn said "I already did" and Elliot brings him by the collar and says " here ya go!" I was having second thoughts about getting rid of the family pet, but I think we're all coping magnificently, and it will be nice not to have to find a dog sitter everytime we go somewhere.

We went to see STOMP last night and really enjoyed ourselves. Heather and Justin watched the kids, and Heather called shorly after meeting to say Trae was having a hard time. He cried alot throughout the night, but they made it. I felt bad, and probably would have went by him if I hadn't paid $44 for my ticket, and then an extra $9 on top of that to "prebook" my seat. It was a great show, and I had a headache when we left.

I work tonight and tomorrow, and then I am headed down to Nate and Marsha's to bond with the neices. Pam is taking Elliot and Brookelyn back to her place Wed-Sun, and i'll be watching the girls Thurs & Fri. Trae is staying with mom...I don't think i'd fare well with a 14 month old and 2 month old twins. Pam wanted to take him, but he's only been away from home 1 night ever, and he's been having a hard time lately with people other than me and mom and Jason. I figure if he's having issues I can get him w/in an hour and a half. I'm sure he'd be homesick, and being 4 hours from home for 5 days would stress him and I both.

On Sat., Mom and I went in and ordered the trim for our house! Mom, Dad, Jason, and I went into Appleton Sat. night and we bought all the remaining doors ( french doors for our master bath, closet doors for all bedrooms) and paint for our room. I finally got Jason talked into letting me change it. Our room is going to be Crown of Laurel (bright olive) and the master bath is going to be Baked Bean ( rusty red brown!) I will post pictures when it's done, but I don't have an estimated time of completion because I am so busy. We also bought these really neat (mock) ceiling tiles to put behind the sink in the master bath to protect the wall from water. We had supper at Tumbleweed, and called it a night. Erica held down the fort for us which was awesome. My dad and Jason sealed their floors Sat, so the kids thought it was neat to have grandma and grandpa spend the night for two nights.

The wedding I did on my own Fri. went great. I wasn't nervous at all which really helped and the couple was great. Sorry I can't post any pictures, they belong to my boss so I can't post them anywhere. She does have some of my work on her website though.

I have an OB appointment tomorrow.

Have a great week!!
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