I feel yucky, oh so yucky...

I feel yucky, oh so yucky....and nauseaus and coughing and lame.

I am sick of feeling like I could puke at any moment. I am sick of this annoying caugh i've had for a week. Oh, and i'm sick of not having a voice,or energy. If I could get rid of these migraines, life would be sweet. --end of rant--

Today, I am thankful that I am alive.

If spring would come and I could open up the windows and hear the birds singing, I think I would have more drive. All I feel like doing is sleeping. Obviously with a hacking cough and 2 kids home all day, i'm not getting the sleep my body keeps screaming that I NEED! I'm sick of the attitude. I shouldn't complain, my morning (all day) sickness is mild in comparison to my pregnancy with Trae. I just feel tired. I don't have enough energy for all the housework. I've been trying to throw in several loads of laundry a day and pick up as much as I can before I go into work. My husband has been great at helping out though. Thanks Babe!

I did something huge. Not really huge, but when I complete the job, it will be really huge....I bought everyone in our family 12 pairs of the same socks. I am going to be throwing out all the rest of our socks, (or donating them to goodwill where they can mate them) and we'll beable to mate them so much easier and I won't have to look at 2 big baskets of socks anymore. Want a confession? I completely mate the socks like, three times a year. The rest of the year, I mate whats washed and throw the rest in the sock basket. Most days, we dig to find our socks. That's what I love about summer, NO SOCKS!!

Tomorrow is my day. I am going to get more done than I did all week. I'll let you know how it goes.....
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