Elliot on the snowskate. Seems he's a natural.

Trae thinks he's really cool when he does this....

New tricks: Climbing off our bed on his own. He is really insistent on doing this himself, he's pretty independant for a 13month old who insists on nursing still.

Hilarious, and probably to much info....

I have to tell you my absolutely bizzare dream....Misty, Jason, and I were sitting around talking. Jason is wearing a navy blue shift dress and across from Misty with his knees to his chest, not covering his "parts." Misty, out of the blue, looks at his area, and then does a double take. She asks if he feels anything. He says no, and she tells him the baby is crowning. He has female parts! I stand up for a better look, and Sho nuf' there's the baby's head. He is sitting like a monkey...I hope you guys can picture this...I am cracking up as I remember it! So the baby's head comes out, nice and easy, and I help ease the rest of (our) baby out. He is absolutely huge, i'd guess 12lbs. Looks like the average 3month old. No contractions, no pushing, no pain. Which is the way it would have to be if the guys did it :0)

An update on me....I think i'm going to push off the Doula training stuff for awhile. I have been nauseaus pretty much all day, and have been getting migraines frequently. I just think that I have plenty on my plate at the moment....not complaining, it's a mom thing. Obviously, i'd be glad to attend birth's when I can, but i'm going to hold off on the training in Madison until after the baby is born and I get the 4-kid thing down. Actually, next winter would be the perfect time! I have been doing weddings, and have 4 on my schedule for March. The 14th, I am solo, and I can't wait! Should be a busy summer, Deb (photographer I shoot for) says I can't have this baby early. We'll see, the closest i've been to me due date is 8 days.

Oh, and we have pink eye!!!!
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