They got Em'

Nate & Marsha got the babies.....thry're cute and tiny!!! Glad everything went well. I'll post pics when we get them!

I love babies in onesies...and sleepers! The kids were making a bed on the floor, so this is Trae using Brookelyn's pillow as a pillow, and Elliot's pillow case for a blanket. He would rub his face into the pillow, and then sit up and do this for me. He's so cute!!

Brookelyn decided to make muffins...in the living room. I noticed her reflection in my computer screen and asked her what she was doing. "making sommmfinng, it's this" She holds up an empty muffin mix package. I asked what was in it..."Water" The mix actually calls for 1/2c. 2% milk, and she had added about 1 1/2c of water! Of course the mess all over the table and rug was "Trae!"


Remember the days when we had something that we were really looking forward to coming up and we were counting down, only 5 more days...only 4 more days....Now it seems like before I can even anticipate something happening, it's here and gone before I can even blink.

I can't wait :
* To feel the baby move and kick
* For Marsha to call and say the got the girls, and are headed back to the motel
* For Jason to get home from work
* Until our house is all finished
* Until i'm passed the morning sickness phase
* Convention time
* For Mom & Dad to get home

I decided I do enough griping and complaining for all of us, so i'm going to try to post one thing i'm thankful for everyday.

Today I am thankful for the health of my family. Last night I was listening to a radio-a-thon for St. Judes Children's Hospital and it made me really appreciate that my children are healthy.

I had my hair trimmed at the mall last night. It was $2 extra to get a shampoo, but I splurged and it felt sooo good. Sometimes it doesn't take much to give yourself a boost.

Pretend I had posted last week that we had a mouse in our house......

WE GOT THE MOUSE!!! Jason was taking a load of clothes out of the washer,and after he got them out, there at the bottom lay a drown mouse! Not bloody or mangled, just drowned. He of course took out the mouse and threw the clothes back in for a re-wash. I am glad thats over. I always knew the day would come because we have them running around our yard all summer long. I actually think Trae is trying to feed them, he is always throwing feed over the highchair...Marsha if you are reading this, it is safe here. We kill all the mice, snakes,and spiders before you come. We call in a swat team just for you.

I made a really cute heart cookie and a little heart cookie, but the kids mutilated it before I got a picture. We ended up going out for Chinese and then took the kids to the mall to play in the play area. I needed to get some maternity clothes..I am shooting a wedding on Saturday, and the pants I wore to the (outdoor) wedding on Wednesday were on the verge of snug and got uncomfortable after awhile. It was at The Chapel in the Woods in Waupaca, and only the Bride, Groom, 2 photographers, 2 winesses, and the Priest were there. It was cute, but it was also very COLD. Apparently the preacher didn't think so because his sermon lasted at least 20 minutes. Anyway, I got some good deals at Kohl's, they have 60-70% off all their clearance stuff.
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