I splurged on this Sweet Pea laundry soap and stain remover. We went to Sheboygan to Nate & Marsha's (Jason's brother & Sister in law) where the guys laid, sanded, and finished 2 rooms of hardwood, and us girls ( & Trae) went down to the river front to shop in all the boutiques. All of them were over priced. I saw several gorgeous baby blankets, all nice and soft. $68. I also found a vintage style trench coat that was distressed and orange and absolutely something that I would have loved to have. It was marked down to $58, but the lady said she'd go $48. I almost got it, but decided it wouldn't fit long, and I didn't want to spend that much on a coat i'd have to wait a year and a half to wear. Remember that I am a second hand shopper, so $48 isn't bad unless you're used to spending $9. Actually, I bought a coat at Steve & Barry's for $9, but it's not orange:( This is cute orange, and almost irresistible.) So, I bought this detergent at a cute little store called Nest. It's by Caldrea, and it smells heavenly. I also got some dish soap that is Basil Blue Sage scent, and the sales lady claims once you use the stuff, you'll never go back. All are made with essential oils, and since I have an addiction to buying soaps and shampoos that SMELL GOOD, I decided to only buy things I love, rather than spending $10 on something that smells okay, i'd rather pay $18 for something that makes me happy when I use it. I guess sometimes it's the simple things. This shall be my Sheboygan Splurge. I really like it, and I think i'll keep using it. I also got some erbaorganics products on sale at Target. I got baby shampoo for $3.18, mommy-to-be foot and leg refresher for $6 and some mommy-to-be milk and oat bath for $9.44. They smell great and off set the cost of the other stuff...I decided that I need to start taking baths again and take care of myself in general. I did great when I was expecting Trae, and it's been downhill from there.

I had to tell you guys that i've been having the oddest preggo dreams, which isn't something new for me, but it's still very strange to wake up from a dream that you took a drag off of a cigarette, and then realize " hello. you're pregnant, what are you doing. Ah, you don't even smoke..." I'm pretty sure had someone been around, they would have heard me "take a hit" and I remember thinking, "hmm, not bad, I expected to at least cough." I would have in real life. I know because one time when we were little, me and my sister and the boys my mom babysat for got a cig and a lighter. We went out back and tried to smoke, but before any of us could take a drag, my mom came out to see what we were up to. We threw the cigarrette into the neighbors yard ( there was snow) and ran. My mom found it anyhow, and then later that night when my dad came home, they made us take a drag. It was so nasty, and I coughed until I puked. I haven't wanted to smoke since, really makes peer pressure a breeze.... Anyway, I have several memorable dreams per night, and some of them are so real, I wake up and wonder if it really happened, or if I dreamt it.

I figured i'd throw in this tidbit. I've been calling the baby he, and was drawn to boy things in all the stores, almost like I knew the baby was a boy. Is it because Trae is a boy and i'm used to it, or that I am indeed having a boy? I still am going to go with my first gut feeling and say girl. I remember this wishy washy stuff with Brookelyn, so i'll go with that, and if it's a boy, I may just have all the baby girl stuff in his dresser....I secretly hope that the ultrasound tech blurts what the baby is. I know Jason will tell me no when I ask if we can please find out, as I tried that with Brookelyn. She wouldn't cooperate, so there was no blurting, even the tech had no idea. She's still pretty stubborn.....
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