E-bay selling

I figured in my quest to combat the clutter, I would invite anyone who has sold things on e-bay to enlighten me on if it's worth it or just a big hassle. I figure it must be somewhat worth it, since everyone does it, but I want to make sure it's not more hassle than it's worth. The biggest pain is going to the post office to send it out. I'm not a big errands person, especially the post office. My other idea is to have a donation sale. I'd put everything out in my driveway, and people could make offers, that way I don't have to take the time to price everything, and people will buy more because they set the price! I hate all the leftovers after a garage sale, so then my plan is to have Fox Valley Thrift come pick up the excess. Garage sales are so much work....but i don't want this junk hogging all the space in my house. It's actually not "junk" but it's unused around here, and it would feel so great to have it gone. We have one area in our basemant that we could build a wall and make a huge storage area for everything (clothes, decorations, ect) and then we could let the kids down there. As it is, the kids go down and make a mess of the organized things, and we're back to square one. I am an organized person, but the more children we have and the more things that accumulate, the harder it is to STAY organized. So, heres to getting into organization mode and getting things manageable again. I will be having the "GREAT TOY GIVEAWAY" as we have enough for two dozen kids. I'll keep y'all posted in case your kids (or your husbands) need anything. I can't handle the toys anymore, and they never go at garage sales anyway. Plus, there are way to many to price them, it'd take me days.

Sorry to bore you guys, I use my blog as therapy, and it makes my game plans real if I put it down somewhere. If you see my husband, keep asking him if the basement is done yet. Hopefully so many people will ask him that he'll get sick of it and get the wall up. He is also the King of Pack Rats, and he never wants to get rid of anything. Ski tags included. That's whats great about memories, they don't take up floor space! Who knows, once the basement is clutter free, maybe I can set up my studio down there. And after that, i'd like a weight room/yago studio, scrapbooking room, 2bedrooms, bathroom, family room, game room, hmmm...I think that's it, I can't really think of anything else right now!

Have a great day!!
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