My Resolution......

is to get rid of all the clutter in my house, including the basement. I am one of those people who buys things that are unique, and saves them until I have a place for them. The NEW me is not going to buy things that just cause more clutter. I figure the less we have, the less the kids have to make a mess with! BRILLIANT!!! This shall happen before the new baby comes....and I also want to make a designated "play" area downstairs so that the toys aren't being strewn from one end the house to the other. That's one thing nice about a two story home, the kids can't drag everything out of their room as easily.

Elliot is home from school today. We had terrible weather last night, so school was cancelled. I can't believe how much louder it is around here with him home. It's nice for Brookelyn though, because she has someone to play with. They have been playing all morning long. I guess it's 1:15p.m. already, so they've been trashing the house all day. I got all the dishes done, and folded about 4 loads of laundry and am continuing to wash. ( we have at least 3 loads everyday) I am trying to catch up on things after the last two busy weeks.

Today, I heard Brookelyn say to Elliot " Elliot, look how big mommy's belly is..."
Elliot glances and then his eyes widen " WOW "
Brookelyn says " thats cuz theres a baby in there..."
At least I have an excuse...my belly isn't huge, but it is extended, and I am so nauseaus that I can't hold it in. It won't be long before I get the " when are you due " questions though. I haven't told people at work, but the way I was running into the bathroom every 10-15 min (literally) along with my rounder belly probably clued them in. I sensed one girl wanted to ask,but probably wanted to avoid it being awkward if I said " no, i'm just getting fat."
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