The nausea has set in...and so has the mind numbing tiredness. I know it's not at it's worst, which is hard to believe. I'm so busy that when I finally sit down and think that I have a baby growing inside me, I get excited all over again.

Elliot wants a boy and he wants to name him Beavis Baseman John. He figures we'll have one more boy, and then two girls after that, so we have 3 of each! Beavis was the name Elliot and Brookelyn picked out for Trae (suggested by their dad..) Brookelyn told the nurse that his name was Trae aaand Beavis! Elliot is Elliot John Baseman. It won't be Beavis...

Brookelyn wants a girl and wants to name her Kenya. That is the name of her African baby.

Mom called today to tell me that last night when my Dad and Brookelyn were looking at an SCI magazine (he quizes her on African animals) there was a Gemsbok with messed up horns. She took a good look at it and asked "What's wrong with that thing?" My dad said his horns got messed up when they grew in. Brookelyn went to turn the page, then glanced back at the Gemsbok and said "I wouldn't even eat that thing." She's a funny girl...

Trae is still cutting teeth, and watch out because he'll bite anything and it hurts! He's been very vocal and aggressive today, so his teeth must be really bugging him.

We'll take any name suggestions...we'd love to hear 'em. I don't think we're going to find out what we're having. My dad "bet" me I couldn't wait, purposely because if you tell me I can't do something, I will do it. It's going to be hard though. I think I have a hunch of what the baby is, but when I decide for sure, maybe i'll post!
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