Big News

So, Jason and I had a talk on Sunday night about when to add to our family. We decided that we would start trying in March. Very exciting, the only hesitation I had was the possibility of having difficulty again, which is alot of stress that I am not sure I have the energy for. I put a call into our fertility specialist on Tuesday to pick her brain and see if she thought I was ovulating (yes) and how fast endometriosis grows back (hard to tell, different for everyone) I told her we'd try for a few months, and if we didn't have any luck, she'd be hearing from me.

On wednesday, I received some tea that is supposed to help you lose weight. As I was reading through the direction and thinking about the exercise that goes with the diet, it occured to me that I haven't had a cycle in awhile. My best estimate is the beginning of December. I thought I better take a pg test to make sure it was safe to go ahead with the diet. I bought a pack of three, thinking this one would be negative, and i'd save the otheer two for when we start trying. I took the test after mtg, and popped some black heads while waiting for the result. I glanced at the test, which had a vreticaql purple line, and a horizontal purple line. Then I looked at the result chart, and noticed a vertical purple line is a pregnant result. I picked up the test to get a better look, and see there is a plus sign, with a very faded test line. I went into our bedroom, where my unsuspecting husband was wrestling with Trae on the bed. " i'm pregnant" Very surprised look...sigh and smile..."oh...yeah right? "Really, here's the test" We thought maybe it was an invalid result because the test line was so faint, but a faint test line wasn't on the invalid outcomes chart. I took the other two tests throughout the night when I got up to pee, which would have been my first clue that I really was pregnant. All the tests looked the same. At 8am on the button, I called my ob-gyn and talked to the nurse, explaining that faded line, three tests, ect. She told me to come in right away for a blood test. I went in for the blood test at ten, and they scheduled an ultrasound for 10:30, should the result be positive. They drew the blood, and had us go up to the ob-gyn's floor to await results. ( This was so spur of the moment that my mom and the two little ons were with me) After about 10-15 min of waiting, they came and told me their machine that reads the blood was broken, and would take at leat 45min to fix. They deided to go ahead and do the ultrasound. We got to see a healthy yolk sac, and have an appointment in two weeks for another ultrasoound to date the pregnancy and hear the baby's heart.
We are so excited! It is really different to go from having no inkling you might be pregnant, to finding out you're 5-6wks pregnant. When you're trying for a baby, every twinge is attributed to the possibility of a baby growing inside you. This was very little effort, and it was awesome not to stress over it. So, this is our "early" baby. Being as results oriented as I am, I'm thrilled....I was expecting to have a new baby the beginning of next year, and we'll have one this fall! Once I set my mind on something, I want it yesterday, so this is really great. The kids are really excited. Elliot want a boy, and Brookelyn wants a girl. Go figure. We'll take healthy and sweet.
I think it's hilarious that 1 day after I post I think an unplanned pregnancy would be fun, I discover i'm pregnant. It's all good though, we couldn't be happier. I want to make sure everyone knows this baby was planned on in another month, as I don't want the "yeah, it was an accident" rumors flying. It just happened when we least expected it, which is an awesome suprise for us.
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