I've jumped on the 100 things about me bandwagon....!

1. I haven't slept well in months. Last night, I counted 100 things about me to get to sleep. It really gets you thinking about who you are. Which can keep you awake longer.
2. One time we went to a potluck at some friends house. Elliot was pretty little, like 2. All the bigger kids would call im over to play, and then take off running. I was watching this, and getting pretty angry. Then he came over to me and said, " mommy, I wan't to play too." It broke my heart, so I went into the playhouse with him and we weere going to play. I sat on one of the little tykes chairs in there and cried. I'm trying my best to teach my kids not to do this to other kids.
3. I was shocked when Elliot came home from his first week of school talking about this girl, Lydia. We asked if she was his girlfriend, and he said no. Then I asked if she was pretty, and he said no again. I asked why, and he said, cause she always wears the same clothes everyday. I was speechless that he had made such an observation. A few weeks into school, he came home and dug out an extra pencil box we had lying around. He told me he was going to give it to a girl at school who just had a paper bag for her pencils and glue. When I asked who it was, he said Lydia. This made me so proud. Lydia is one of his best friends at school.
4. People say I have a contagiuos laugh. I try never to stifle it.
5. I have a hard time saying i'm sorry, but I feel sorry when I do things to hurt people.
6. I cannot step on cracks. Seriously. I go to the mall, and I watch my feet so that they land inside the tiles, rather than in between tiles. The only way I can handle it is if I don't watch my feet. If I am wearing flip flops and can feel the crack of the tile under my foot, I go back to making sure i'm completely in the tile. It's very odd.
7. I also scope out ceilings and get agitated when the ceiling tiles are not in a pattern. If i'm there for hours, I continuiously re-configure them in my head so that they make a pattern.
8. I love being pregnant, and don't really mind labor.
9. Just kidding about the labor part!
10. I HATE grocery shopping. It's one of the worst things you could make me do.
11. I love to do Yoga, but rarely find the time. I would love a studio in my basement.
12. If I could afford one luxury, it would be a maid, hands down. Not a nanny, a maid.
13. I respect my dad so much. I hated disappointing him. Still do.
14. I think being a publicist for a huge celebrity would be a rockin' job.
15. I only buy my kids books with great pictures, and I try to get special books for them like, God gave us you and You're all my favorite. I hate Sesame Street and Disney books.
16. I don't want to miss a thing, especially when it comes to my kids.
17. My passion for photography started when I had Elliot. I felt like if i documented everything he did, I would never forget.
18. I am SO grateful to my mom for everything she does for me. Especially the babysitting. I would never have been able to handle going to work this past summer if I had to send my children to daycare.
19. I had to go back to work because the transmission went on our van bringing Trae home from the hospital. Two months later, the same thiing happened to Jason's truck. We went from a family of 4 with no car payments, to a family of 5 with 2 car payments.
20. The group home is temporary until I get the photography thing going strong.
21. I was so scared to go buy my camera, but i'm so glad I did. I felt like it was so much money, but it was a step I needed to take to get my business going, and I can't wait until I can choose the hours I work.
22. I would love to adopt someday, but doubt we'll ever beable to afford it. I think people who adopt are making such a difference.
23. I want to write a children's book about adoption. I have been trying to find one for months with great pictures and a sweet story, for a gift, and I just can't find one.
24. Gift giving is big for me. I never give gift cards. I love to put thought into the gift, and get something just perfect for the person.
25. One time I called a photographer to find out his prices, and used my sisters wedding date and details when he asked for them. I just meant it as research, but he was so braggy about his work that I couldn't resist when he invited me to the studio to see his work. I loaded up the two little kids, and headed over to see what he was made of. I felt guilty afterwards for fibbing, and i'd never do it again. I saw him at Walmart around christmas time, and I don't think he recognized me...the best part of the story was that I was talking to him about this lady who did my sisters wedding pictures and did a terrible job. She even used the candle holder of my mom's table for the ring shot, instead of my sisters flowers.Thank goodness I never said her name, because when I walked into his studio, there she sat on his couch! He was good, but had a bad personality, and took distasteful shots at bars. Ex. groomsmen w/ their heads up the bridesmaids dresses.
26. I love the movie Dirty Dancing.
27. I want to make a ist of things to do before I die, but i'm scared.
28. I am afraid to fly because if we crash, we'd leave our children without parents. I get sick when I talk about our life insurance policy.
29. I was a stay at home mom for the first 5 1/2 yrs of being a mom. I would always say, "oh, i'm JUST a stay at home mom" and then be disappionted in myself because I think it's so important. I think stay-at-home mom's should get paid 6 figures.
30. I've never had a schedule for my kids. Sometimes I wish we were more predictable and always did things the same time and day each week. We push alot of things aside to help other people with things, and then our things never get done.
31. Like our basement. Things got piled ANYWHERE when we moved in. We've gone down there numerous times and started to organize it, but get overwhelmed before we're finished. It embarrasses me when people see it.
32. I love all my sisters.
33. I always wanted a big brother so that I could date his friends.
34. The only boy I ever kissed is my husband. I kissed him first.
35. We've been together since I was 15. That's 9yrs!
36. I am VERY results oriented. VERY.
37. I am obsessed with names. I pick them out even when i'm not pregnant.
38. My dream is to go to Italy someday.
39. I'm not a political person. I vote for whoever my husband and dad vote for.
40. I never use ugly dishes. All my serving dishes are things I like, with bright colors.
41. I love to cook Italian food.
42. People compliment me on my cooking, and it feels good.
43. I rarely pay full price for things. When I do, I feel guilty and deflated because half the fun of shopping is seeing what a deal you can get.
44. I could spend hours in Pier 1 or World Market. I figure out the htings I love, and go look at Goodwill to see if they have someting similar at a fraction of the price.
45. You'd be surprised how much of our stuff comes from second hand stores. I really don't under stand people who don't shop there just because it's used,
46. I love to buy shoes.
47. I hate to wear shoes.
48. I never wear flat shoes with a short skirt, I hate what it does to the shape of my legs.
49. Another compulsion I have is matching my kids blanket to their Nuk to their nuk holder to their outfit to their hat to their bottle/sippy. I died burp rags purple and pink to match my daughters clothes.
50. I was the only one who threw my cap at graduation. They threatened us with fines...I was so sure...I sprayed the crowd with Silly String on my way out. One can in each hand.
51. I secretly hope my daughter is naturally thin because i've always been "bigger" and worry about my weight constantly. I try really hard not to talk negatively about my body in front of her.
52. I check out women. Always. Don't we all?
53. I hate when people who don't have kids use the phrase, " my kids are never gonna do that" You don't know anything about raising kids unless you've done it. And you can't control everything they do. I am shocked when my kids do things that I KNOW they know better. It mortifies me when they throw temper tantrums. Recently at bible study, my daughter fell asleep on the way there, and I don't know if she was crabby because we woke her up or what, but she got it in her head that she wanted to sit by Grandma. There was no seats by Grandma, and the fit she threw would have disqualified her from the priveledge anyhow. She started shrieking and crying, so I took her down the hall, but it just didn't stop. I had to take her outside in the cold, she was making such a racket. She threw a fit INTO prayer, and would not accept that when we went back in, she was not going to sit by her Grandma. I was, needless to say, shocked. We rarely have to take her out, and this fit was out of control. The more I tried to calm her down and explain why she couldn't sit where she wanted, the more she shreiked and just would not accept my answer. I hope that's the last fit she throws at meeting...
54. I would love to learn how to sail. It's so romantic.
55. I wish my husband was more romantic.
56. I am severly clausterphobic.
57. I think it'd be fun to get pregnant unexpectedly. I don't like when people say it was an "accident" For us, it would be a "bonus"
58. In kindergarten there was a note sent home saying I wasn't paying attention during our alphebet time, or whatever. The aid told me to make sure to give it to my mom, as it was very important. Never have liked the women since. Anyway, the deal was that my mom had gotten me all dolled up and I was proud of my dress and twirling my hair and feeling all pretty daydreaming. When I snapped out of it, I looked over at Jason Young's chalkboard, where they had left off a J, and just copied it off of his, missing a good portion of the alphabet. I learned in Kindergarten that you can't trust people.
59. I hate my cellulite, I accept my stretch marks.
60. I flush public toilets with my foot. Always have, always will.
61. I love to listen to stroies about labor and delivery.
62. When I become a certified doula, I want to establish a program for teens or unwed mothers where I become their labor couch for free. I can't imagine going through childbirth alone, and this will be my difference in the world.
63. I wouldn't turn down anyone who couldn't pay for my services as a doula. I think everyone deserves a doula, and it's rewarding for me too.
64. It is amazing that we can grow babies inside of us.
65. I love art, especially abstract art.
66. I can't wear underwear that don't coordinate with my bra...
67. I have very high arches in my feet. It really sucks.
68. I always want to know where i'm headed in life.
69. I rarely iron. I throw the clothes in the dryer to get the wrinkles out.
70. Our sock basket(s) are embarrassing.
71. I don't see the point of Sudoku puzzles. Have no desire whatsoever...
72. It really bugs me to see adults with tattoos of Disney characters.
73. I HATE needles. However, I was with my friend when she had an Amnio and an Epidural, which makes me proud.
74. I apply lip balm like crazy. I think I may be addicted...
75. I always drive with my cellphone in my lap. In case I crash, I want to beable to find it.
76. When we lived in town and i'd go for walks with the kids, i'd always plan what i'd do if anyone tried to attack me or try to take the kids. Run as fast as I could with my double stroller? Grab both kids and try to run with them? I tend to worry so much that it takes the joy out of some things.
77. I am addicted to buying toiletries. I have hundreds.
78. I'm so glad I had my kids young. I have endometriosis, and probably wouldn't have been able to have them had I waited.
79. I worried about infertility as long as I can remember.
80. It's the second wordt thing I ever went through.
81. The worst thing I ever went through was an ectopic pregnancy. I went to the hospital for an ultrasound in denial that anyhting was wrong, and the doctor thought all the pain was from hemmoroids. I knew it wasn't and hoped it was. We got to see the baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound, and I still feel guilty thinking that he or she had a heartbeat, and then didn't. I was essentially bleeding to death internally and in so much pain, and the baby was growing inside my abdominal cavity, attached to my right ovary. There was no way it could have survived. I wish things had turned out different.
82. Of course, if they had, I wouldn't have Trae, and i'm so glad I have him.
83. I hate being late, but get later and later the more kids I have.
84. I smell everything. Onetime, when I worked at the nursing hime in Dietary, I saw this resident urp into her napkin. When I collected her tray, I smelled it,and immediately regretted it. I still remember the smell...not good.
85. I love when my dad makes faces. I had to pretend I didn't growing up, and would have to leave the room from cracking up whenI was too cool for my dad's humor.
86. I get really irritated with anyone else when they make ugly faces at me.
87. I HATE being interruped when i'm talking. It is so rude.
88. I'm a constant critic. Sorry.
89. I can't waterski. Period. My legs flop out to the side, and I can't control it.
90. I used to snowboard before I had kids. Can't imagine ever wanting to again. Did I mention I hate the cold?
91. I did it for love.
92. I beleive in soulmates. My husband and I are proof.
93. I think that last one was corny, but it's the truth.
94. I am very ungaurded.
95. I love to buy spices.
96. Photography rocks my world.
97. I can't imagine life without kids. How lonely.
98. I love people.
99. I can't imagine life without my family.
100. I would die for any of them.
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