I took this picture of Brookelyn this fall, and the one of Elliot today. Two down, one to go. Will post a picture of Trae when he stops all the fussing and lets me take a good one.

Super Hot Princesses

My son is home today because it's Martin Luther King day. I was on the phone when he came out in Brookelyn's clothes, and she in his! The photo shoot didn't go well, as Trae was NOT in the mood and cried the entire time......maybe next time. These pictures sure turned out great of the self-proclaimed "Super Hot Princesses" Please do not tell my husband or my dad on me for taking & GASP!! posting these pic's (what happens when he's 16? He'll be sooo embarrassed!) They get really dramatic. Anyway, here are my super hot princesses, it was to cute not to post. Check out the ear flaps...Elliot had to make hair! He taped paper into the inside of the hat. He spins around like it's noone's business too!

random happenings....

This weekend was pretty laid back. Yesterday afternoon, I had the priveledge of photographing the Mauel family. They are so photogenic, and I got some great shots. (see maternity&newborn pics) I called this morning to schedule my childbirth and breastfeeding classes as part of my doula training, and it sounds like I won't have to pay! The actual 3 day training is April 4-6, so I am anxiously awaiting that. I am bummed that Carter's birth won't count towards the three I have to attend before becoming certified, but Misty has agreed to let me attend her birth, and I am hoping that some of the couples in the birthing class will be interested. If you know anyone who would enjoy having a doula, let me know, I would be glad to attend their birth. I have to tell you again what an absolutely amazing experience this was for me. I went into it thinking it would be so rewarding, but a little afraid that the blood would affect me or something and i'd have to abandon my dream. Everything was beautiful and I was even okay when the doctor administered the epidural! Dr. Darling was Sam's doctor, and is also mine ( he delivered Brookelyn, didn't make it in time for Trae, but arrived about 2min after he was born) so that was special to help one of his other patients. When Sam got to the pushing stage, I was holding one of her legs for about the first 6-7 min. Then they called the labor nurse in. She walked up to me and said " I think I can handle this leg now, i'll take it from here." I was irate, and very irritated that she would have nerve, and Dr. Darling said to her, " Actually, if you don't mind, she'd training to be a doula, and I think we should let her do it." The nurse gave a (heavy) sigh and backed up, and just watched the rest of the birth. She apparently was having a bad day, because she came in about 2hrs before the actual birth to set up the tool cart for the delivery. Sam had on a gown that the snaps wuldn't stay snapped, so she asked me to help her change. The nurse, mind you, decides the best place to set up her "sterile" cart is at the foot of the bed, where I am standing and the nurse is trying to check Sam, and is just not convenient. There is however, places out of the way that would be perfect for setting up a cart that must remain sterile until the baby is born, like the open corners of the room, where she eventually pushes her cart to await the birth. Anyway, as I pull Sam's gown off, it almost brushes the cart and she goes, "umm, watch my cart." I looked at her and said "excuse me" "you need to watch my cart" Go take a Midol lady, you're here to work around us, and if the laboring mother happens to be laboring near your cart, YOU need to pick up shop and move to accomodate US. Oh, and thank you for your consideration!

This morning, Elliot came up to me holding a chocolate chip, and said "mom, is this a candy kiss?" I told him it was a chocolate chip, and Brookelyn says "see, i'm right and you're wrong, toldja!" What a know it all!

New words: Ball. Trae got 100 balls fro his birthday from Grandma Julie as I mentioned. He brings them to me and says "baa, baa" and then I throw them at Jason. He brings me another, says "baa, baa" and waits for me to throw it at his Dad. This is his new favorite game! Elliot and Brookelyn also enjoy throwing the balls at their Dad, and Elliot being a boy gets really aggressive. I must tell him the settle down the most, because when they are throwing the balls at Jason, Trae just watches and yells, "ehhYIT!!" (Elliot) Very cute.
New word: Nikki. I've never actually heard this one, but Nikki, of course, has.

Trae is down for his nap, but when he wakes up I plan to do pictures of the kids. I (hopefully) am planning to send them out once I get them printed. The more things I want to do, the less time there seems to be to do them :) Sounds like i'm a mom??!!
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