Trae's 1 yr check-up

Trae had his 1yr check-up yesterday. He weighs 25.1lbs (80%) is 30inches long (55%) and his head is 48.2 (92%) Doc says he's healthy and the biggest concern is keeping him safe as he no doubt will be crawling up on things very soon! He also mentioned discipline and being consistent, which I have down pretty good by now. He says to eliminate his night feeding...which is the only reason I still nurse him, it's so much easier to just pull him into my bed. The doctor says it's trained feeding, and I need to get him to sleep w/out feeding him. Which is a great concept that I tried last night for about 15min and decided the sleep was more important, since i've been averaging about 5-6 hrs a night. My other kids eventually slept through the night, and i'm not really the type of person to make a huge deal of it, but I will be done nursing tomorrow....Trae is spending the night @ mom's because of the birth, so I won't beable to nurse him for at least 18hrs. It's a good, convenient time to stop....................but hard, since I never thought he'd grow up this fast, and i'm having a hard time accepting it. Trae had 5 shots to top off the visit, so I figure he NEEDED the extra comfort last night :) Work again tonight, but then I have off for a week...from the group home. Tomorrow I have a meeting with a couple who want me to shoot their wedding in August, Thursday I have the birth, and Friday I have a wedding to shoot. Saturday, I am doing my parents Employee Appreciation Banquet, which i've been helping mom with for several years. Sunday will truly be a day of rest.
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