Traeman's birthday!

Trae Scott 1 year

Trae loved digging in the Cake. He would taste the frosting, then throw his head back and laugh! It was sooo adorable! He was so yummy and cute the whole day.

Trae's birthday was a total blast! We had people we don't see often, so it was great to catch up. Trae got alot of noisy gifts, mostly noisy educational gifts, so he should be a genious in no time. He also got 100 balls from Grandma Julie, which have been a blast to pick up! Trae also got a Retro Rocket from us and an inch worm toy that you sit on and it "inches" across the floor. He got a huge stuffed alligator from auntie Kimber, and lots of adorable clothes. Trae got a wheel barrow, which he didn't want to give up in order to open the rest of his gifts, and a John Deere push mower. Trae wasn't interested in opening the gifts, and got irritated when he'd open something fun, and i'd take it right away and give him another thing to open. He was soooo tired after missing his morning nap, and the more tired he got, the harder he fought to stay awake! Finally, Kimber handed him to me and he cuddled up and zonked out in about literally 8 seconds. He'll be spending his first night away from home on Wed, because Sam is being induced @ 5:30a.m. on Thur, and I don't want to get the kids up that early and take them to moms...I will post more pics later this week... my computer is verrry slooow at downloading pics.
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