From the lips of babe(s)

Today, I got Brookelyn some dolls for her dollhouse. We were trying to come up with names for them. We had the parents, and two little girls. We named the parents Brian and Monica, and the littlest girl Adrianna. Last week, Brookelyn saw the Burchill family picture and was asking me what the girls names were. She wanted her name to be Adrianna...We named the other girl Madeline. I suggested Seattle at one point and she said " No, Se-rattle is a place" I asked her how she knew that and she said " because nate and Marsha go there!" (they used to live there) My mom had gotten her a notebook, and on the front she had written Belliot. I asked her why she writes Belliot on everything (a combination of B for Brookelyn and Elliot, which she can write perfectly) and she said " because I want to change my name to Belliot because I can't spell it." I laughed a good hard laugh...
I think i'll hit the hay, I finally managed some sleep by 1am last night and its been steady all day! I'm out, night y'all.

Troubles Sleeping....passing the time.

I spent the day trying to recover from the weekend. My house is totally trashed. We had Jason's family up for the weekend. I woke up with a migraine ( figures, when I have alot of stuff to get done, I always end up with one...) I decided to try my best to ignore it (the headache) as my house was literally driving me crazy! I threw about 4 loads of laundry in and folded it all with the help of my darling daughter:) Trae tried to help, but he only likes to throw what we've just folded on the floor! There were toys everywhere, so Brookelyn picked them all up. I have to note here that she is a great helper until her older brother gets home and then she wants nothing to do with helping me. Made some headway, but I still have a ways to go. When Jason got home from work, we headed over to mom & dads and started on their hardwood floors. Of course, Trae wanted very badly to use the nail gun and "help" so I was stuck trying to occupy him for several hours without letting him off my lap. He got very crabby very fast... tomorrow we're off for a big shopping day. I have to pick up some last minute things for Trae's party. I can't beleive Elliot was only 3 months older than Trae when Brookelyn was born, he seems like such a baby yet. So we're planning on leaving at 9, and then shopping until I have to be to work at 3pm. Should be fun!

New words: *Treasyn (the dog) *More *Aaron
Cute things Trae does: Trae has started to do this adorable little dance when he's excited. He bounces up and down...ooo, it so yummy! When we take him out of his car seat, even if he's sleeping, he does the dance. It must be really cute if daddy commented on it!

Funny things Brookelyn has said recently: I overheard her telling Trae " your really starting to irritate me..." when he was getting into her things.

The other day she wanted to call Grandma Julie and spoke with her for about 15min. When she got off of the phone, she was kinda quiet and lost in her thoughts. Finally, she looks at me and tips her head to the side and declares " grandma lied to me" I asked her what she meant, and she explained that she had asked mom if she had seen her new dollhouse and mom said no, but she did " because when she came into my room to see if I was sleeping and I wasn't she looked at it and saw it, but she said she didn't so she lied."

Elliot is the "Star of the Week" This entails making a poster of all of your favorite thing to do(hunting) favorite place (woods) What you want to be when you grow up (policeman) and if you had one wish, what would it be? (to have a dragon as a pet). Also, your mom gets to come in and either read a book to the class, sing a song with the class, or create a project with the class. We are going to make little hedgehogs (they were adorable and I couldn't find any deer projects) and sing " A Hunting We Will Go." Elliot also gets to bring the snack for the week. I really can't beleive my baby is in school. I believe i'll be in disbelief long after he graduates...I am going to bring Brookelyn with me to make the project. She seems to make alot of friends while she's there, especially with the boys, which tends to annoy me. Elliot gets very protective of her and make sure people don't hurt her on the playground. That's why I always wanted an older brother. As it turns out, my sisters are all pretty protective of me. We're all pretty protective of each other...

I think I will try again to get some sleep... I tried for 1/2 hour to no avail, but I know if I don't get to bed soon i'll be dragging tomorrow. I wonder why i'm having troubles sleeping again???
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