Trae biting his toenails. hilarious!


If anyone can enlighten me on how to upload an actual video instead of the link, please enlighten me! Thanks.

  • The other day Elliot saw a picture of Beyonce and JZ in a magazine. He showed it to me and said "Mom, here's a picture of Abe Lincoln and his wife!"
  • I can't believe I forgot to post this....Trae pooped on the potty at the cabin last weekend, yea!
  • My new favorite cereal is Kashi U Black Current and Walnut. Delicious.
  • Archer LOVES when I clean out his ears. He sits really still and looks about ready to fall asleep. (Not with q-tips, he hates that...just when I get all the dried milk out of his ear folds when he wakes up.)
  • Archer also almost dozes off in the shower, just like Trae did. One of these days he actually will, and then I'll take a photo.
  • I got a new Flip Video camera. We have a big video camera, but I wanted one for the diaper bag. It's green, like my laptop. We've probably created a monster here...I apologize in advance if I post to many videos of my kids. :0)
  • That's all. Ciao!


Lindsay said...

oh funny! i laughed and cole just sat there with his little "huh?" scowl... trae, you are TOO funny!

Shannon said...

when you upload your video to youtube it gives you an "embed" code. you copy it and paste it directly into your blog post.

Kimber Sue said...

ok. to upload a video right to the blog...when you go to new post. go to the little add movie button right next to the add image button. but that movie is so cute!! it makes me laugh.

Amber said...

Thanks Shannon & Kimber....I knew how to get the upload button on my blog, but it didn't do anything when I tried it.

Anonymous said...

did you get the embed to work? let me know if not...

love the video!

Angie said...

chloe watched it with me and then when it finished promptly asked and signed "more". Soo, we watched it over and over and over again. She loved it! :)

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