Elliot was telling me that Santa came to school today..."Da real one!" He added that he doesn't come in through the chimney anymore (we don't have one) because they get too dirty. He asked for a new snowboard. The holidays are hard for kids who don't do the Christmas thing.

Jason is getting the kids dressed to take them out in the snow. I just realized that we don't have winter boots for Trae. He is wearing a pink pair now, but we will get him some before we go up the Steve and Pam's as we have a sledding excursion planned and can't have our son in pink boots. Brookelyn says he's cute anyway. :0)


Heather T said...

Yeah, the holidays are hard for kids who don't do the Christmas thing...
What? You don't want your boy in pink boots?;0) Ours wouldn't be allowed outside with those on...per his daddy! Good luck finding a pair that don't cost a fortune. Maybe there are some good sales on! Call me if you want some shopping company.:0)

Mindy said...

just got some from lands end. their sale ends tonight. got them for 20 bucks.

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