I'm sick of getting hit by deer. He hit me good and died. On the way home, he had 2 girlfriends by his side and they slunk across the road like they were sad. Boo hoo. My van has another dent.

On a side note, it's dumb to vacuum the van when it -10 degrees. The machine eats your quarters, and when you finally get one to work your hands freeze fast and it hurts so bad it makes you want to swear. Or cry. Or both.

And also, I got stuck in the driveway on my way out.


Anonymous said...

i was just going to comment that my cousin had someone from "now i lay me down to sleep" come and take pictures at the hospital of her baby the night that he died. i wasn't there, but heard that they were really awesome and did a really good job. i can't wait to see the pictures. are you still doing that too?

Amber said...

I plan to eventually. I just need to get a few things in order first. I think it's a great foundation and I want to at least try it.

Do I know you?

Heather T said...

Doesn't that just make your blood boil? Stupid deer...where were they when all the hunters were out looking for them???

Heather S said...

welcome to wisconsin.. deer and winter ;( We live on top of a very steep driveway.. which, if it isn't plowed GOOD.. we can't get up it, at all. So now we park at the bottom and hike up.. I guess its good exercise with 4 lil kids!

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