Daddy's home early!!

Jason's home...not so great for the paycheck, but they have 2 concerts and Mom, the kids, and I went this morning, but now we can all go back a 2nd time @ 2. Elliot will be surprised to see us, and Daddy, again! Maybe Jason can take the kids outside when we got home and I can squeeze a workout in....we'll see.

**Elliot was happy to see us...Trae kept waving and waving. Also, we saw an old lady (65-70) in a see-through shirt with a lacy granny bra underneath. (think family dollar) I'm dead serious. *shudder*

1 comment:

Heather said...

Nice you could all go back to the concert...I'm sure Elliot was thrilled!:0)
Ick...thanks for the visual!;0)

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