5 Days with the In-laws.


  • Arrived around 5pm. Nate and Marsha came with the girls and we hung out and played Phase 10. Lame. Game. Cute babies though. I wanted to steal them.


  • Nate and Marsha left....we ran into town for haircuts for Jason and Elliot. Pam worked. The kids went sledding in the yard and helped Grandpa with a bonfire. Took down all Pam's cookie jars from on top of her cabinets. Washed and dried them, vacuumed the cabinet tops, and organized them all for her. (had to earn our keep....) Played some games. Hung pictures and curtains.


  • I baked GingerSnaps and homemade peanut butter cups. Pam made Turtles and butter cookies. My stuff didn't go over like the Turtles :0( Nate and Marsha came back and we played a few games and hung out.


  • Spa Day! We all had massages and I had a facial. Great to get out. Nate and Marsha had to leave shortly after. Teary goodbyes. Played some Rook. Pam went to work.


  • Talked Pam and Steve into humoring us and went to the Mall of America. Bought a few things. Urban Outfitters is an awesome store....played more Rook. I'm actually starting to like this game...except when I accidentally lay the wrong thing and get accused of cheating.


  • Meeting. Lunch. 5 hours packing time. Visit at Grandpa Scott's and Grandma Julie's. Didn't arrive until after 7, but the kids were begging and since we didn't have school we stopped by for about and hour. Exhausted.

This week...no plans tonight. Tomorrow Bingo and snacks with my Dad's family. Wednesday....no plans. Thursday...no plans....Ahem... Friday and Saturday sleepover at Mom and Dad's with all us kids and our kids. Charades. Win, Lose, or Draw. Good food. Videos of the kiddos when they were little. Don't Forget the Lyrics. Fooseball!! More food. Wrestling?.... Should be a good time.

It's Monday. I never write well on Mondays.


Lindsay said...

wow, sounds like you all had a good time... makes me even more exhausted just imagining it!

Ben, Heather & kids said...

welcome back ;)

Tim and Melissa said...

Welcome home!

Heather said...

We TRIED to get us all together on Thurs, but oh well....we could still get together if nobody has anything going on. We don't that I know of...talk to you later!

Sam said...

Glad your back!

Neisha said...

those babies are cute and getting big. sounds like you had a great time

Mike and Tonya said...

Glad you are back! I missed your posts! I love the idea of the All About Us journal, I think it would be a ton of fun to fill out. I just might have to look around for one of those!

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