Update on Jason...and Archer.

I guess I assumed wrong, and it turned out to be a migraine. He's back to work today and feeling better.

On the upside, Archer slept in his swing from 3:30-7:30 this morning. He seems to do fine laying down until he eats and then he keeps stirring, so I assume it's the reflux and he just can't sleep soundly. Neither can I, so I put him in the swing....please don't tell me this is bad or I'll get less sleep than I'm currently getting.

I'm gearing up for opening day, I love to be at the cabin watching for a big buck to run across the field. It's even better to see my Dad blast it....(sorry all you animal lovers) although I'd rather eat doe meat, buck meat is sooo strong. So we'll be headed up to the cabin Friday night, and then next week we'll be there for thanksgiving unless they fill their tags opening day, then it will be at Mom and Dad's house.

We are working on making plans to be in Elk Mound for a week around Christmas time. If Jason has work, that is...I would love to get together somewhere with all the kids and meet the Mom's I only know through their blog, and other people I haven't seen in a long while. If you wish to meet up, let me know so I can get ahold of you with the exact time/date...my in-laws have no Internet connection, so it will have to be by phone....and I'm trying not to think about being disconnected for a whole week!


Heather said...

Glad is wasn't the flu! Hope the reflux gets better for Archer...poor guy...no fun to have belly aches & stuff. Have fun at the cabin!;-)

Tim and Melissa said...

No worries about Archer sleeping in the baby swing...Madi slept in it for the first few months of her life. Yes, MONTHS. That was the only way I got sleep...I'd gladly buy batteries to get sleep! And no, she's still not sleeping in it and it wasn't horrible to break. Do what you gotta do!!

Shannon said...

yes, swing is just fine.

avrie had severe colic from 2 weeks until 8 weeks. she screamed constantly. anytime she was awake she was screaming. CONSTANTLY. we wanted to send her back. i resented her. i was severely sleep deprived. we would wrap her up tight, stick her in the swing DOWNSTAIRS and go upstairs to bed. i would wake up two hours later to feed her. sound terrible? she survived. she got over it literally OVERNIGHT. the strangest thing. we had daily chiro adjustments for a week, tried every colic remedy in the book....nothing worked. she just grew out of it. this too shall pass....do what you need to to get sleep. sleep deprivation is very dangerous.

Delia DeLeest said...

Rhodey slept the first few months of his life in the swing too, and he came out relatively normal...for Rhodey, that is. Count your blessings that they have battery operated swings now. We had one of those nasty crank-up ones, so I had to get up every half hour and crank that sucker up so I could get another half hours sleep before doing it all again. And those cranks were NOISY!

Ben, Heather & kids said...

ahh, Amber dear.. you should now by now, since this is your 4th kid:) you gotta do, what you gotta do to survive. We did things SO much differently with Benji than the other 3, and all 4 are doing fine. I'd love to take all those "how to raise a baby properly" books and burn them in our wood stove!!! Every kid is different, as our their parents, what works for me, doesn't work for my sis-in-law, or vice versa!
Chin up girl, you're doing alright ;)

Sam said...

Glad it wasnt the Flu!

Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

I agree with most on here. Sleep is a mandatory thing for mommy's and in order to get it Ally spend MANY, MANY nights in her swing. As long as your getting a few hours of sleep dont sweat it :)

Yeah!! Hunting is such a fun time of yeah. Have a nice time at the cabin!

Angie said...

Chloe often slept in her swing..or her infant car seat. She just liked that feeling of something close around her. No biggie, she was a great sleeper then and is now too. Archer is probably enjoying all of his sleep too ;)

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