At the cabin.

  • This morning I got all the kids dressed, as I had to get out the door for a chiro appointment. Trae picked out his own pants, and insisted we change out of the ones I previously dressed him in before we could leave. When we got done with my appointment and I was loading the kids back up in the van, I noticed his hat was missing. I remembered putting in his sleeve, and when I checked it out, it was like he had a club on his arm! He didn't even care....
  • Archer slept for 7! hours the other night..whoohoo! He's been eating once each night, at around 1-2am and sleeping awesome the rest of the night.
  • It's starting to be one of those days...at this point I really want to send all my kids to bed and take a hot bath. sigh.
  • Elliot came home sick from school today...he didn't seem sick at all, but now he just said he's "sicker" and probably won't be able to go tomorrow. Makes me think something else is going on. He has this kid, Braiden, in his class that is constantly asking him for things and when Elliot tells him no, he says he's "gonna kick him in the nuts then." I think I'm going to have to call...Braiden asked for Elliot's compass last week (it's pinned on his coat) and Elliot of course said no. (oh, and did I mention that everytime he says no, the kid tells him he "collects" whatever it is he's asking for?) Well, it was stolen this week.
  • ****we talked some more and he admitted that some other kids broke his snowman (his best friend & Braiden included) and Braiden called him a loser and said he was going to beat him up on the bus. He is assigned a seat with Braiden on the bus. I'll be calling tomorrow. I hate playing Momma Bear, but I also hate when punky kids get away with harassing other kids because they're considered "problem" kids. That's what they said last year about Braiden, "yeah, he's a problem..." like I should be okay with it then.

I loved his lashes in this photo...

Trae spent hours taking hard wood floor scraps out of the box and placing them in the wood box.

Archer either did this....

...or this.
All 3 had fun with the radios.

Thought he was the stuff with 2 walkie talkies hanging off his diaper!


Cheri said...

ohhh..I sooo don't want to send my babies to school!

Neisha said...

hey, you're entitled to be Momma Bear when some kid is mean your your kid. I'd be upset too!

Heather said...

Cute pics!! Yeah, I would definitely be all over that bully like a she-bear for sure!! Twerp...sounds like he needs someone to show him up a little...I didn't like ppl picking on my brother so I CERTAINLY woulnd't like them picking on my kids!

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