Archer tells the story....

That'd be me! I was up smiling and playing with my Mom @ 4am. I went back to sleep around 5 though....she can't resist me either.

All spiffed up for meeting Sunday morning.

My Mom has dropped her camera one to many times I think....all these pictures seem blurry.
This Weekend:
  • Friday night we had a bonfire at Grandma & Grandpa's. I loved it until the wind picked up, then me and my Mom had to go inside and hang out.
  • Saturday we stayed home all day and hung out as a family, which was really nice and relaxing. Haven't done that in so long....my Mom even took a long bath. My brother and I joined in at the end, of course.
  • Sunday, we went to meeting (I was really good) and then to Grandma & Grandpa's for a potluck. Then we went to gospel meeting ( I was cranky because I couldn't fart) After meeting, we went to Barnes & Noble to get Bibles for my Mom and Dad, and then my Mom went into Old Navy and got awesome deals on skirts. She feels much better about herself now that she "back in her pre-pregnancy size" although she wants to take off additional sizes. I wish she'd stop obsessing...anyway, she got 4 skirts, and a few things for me on sale. I screamed in the car the whole time for Daddy, so he had to call her and make her come back. When we got home, she made supper and then we went to bed early.
  • This morning I just couldn't wait til daylight to get up and play, so we played in the dark. I smiled and cooed a lot,so my Mom would smile and not make me go back to sleep. I never get much attention during the day, so I have to wake her up at night.


Jeff & Aleigh said...

I love Archer's story!!! Too cute!!

Heather said...

Awww...Archer! You shoulda called our baby girl on my cell phone...and Logan, too...they were both up last night and could have played with you!:-) Tell your mom good job on the "pre-pregnancy size!" She's lookin' good!:-)

Tim and Melissa said...

What a little honey!

Anonymous said...

lmao!!! too funny!

Great post Amber!

Lindsay said...

awww- archer, you are an accomplished novelist in the making! cute!

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