2 month stats:

The cute little prince himself.

His new "thing"
Can anyone guess what this is? I thought at first that it was a reaction to his vaccinations....but it's a self inflicted hickey!

12lbs 11oz (75%)
23 inches (50%)

I explained the fussiness situation to the doctor, and he said it could be acid reflux. If he continues to be fussy or it gets worse, I can get a script for Zantac. He's been really great the last few days, sleeping for 4 hour stretches, so I think maybe he had a growth spurt and that's what the fussing was all about.


Lindsay said...

growing like a weed!! love the self-inflicted hickey... too funny! hopefully it was just a growth spurt causing archer's fussiness... cole had reflux and we ended up switching to a bottle and formula around 5 1/2 months because it was too painful for him to recline far enough to nurse.

Heather said...

What a cutie! Yeah, hoping it was a growth spurt...that would be no fun for him(or you) to have acid reflux. Too funny that he has a self-inflicted hickey on his arm! Thanks for meeting up yesterday...made the day go much faster than it would have otherwise!!;-)

Neisha said...

he's so stinkin' cute!!

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