1. Two Names You Go By: Mommy, Amber
2. Things You Are Wearing Right Now: Jean skirt, Down vest
3. Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment: Central Vac & a massage.
4. Two people who you look up to: My Dad & My Mom
5. Two things you did last night: Went out for some alone time & tucked the kids in.
6. Two things you ate yesterday: Cheesecake & Latte.
7. Two people you last talked to: Trae & my mother in law.
8. Two Things you're doing tomorrow: Having dinner with family @ Mom & Dad's & heading out to the cabin for Fri & Sat.
9. Two longest car rides: Montana & Florida
10. Favorite Holidays : Thanksgiving & Sweetest Day.
11. Favorite Vacations : Cancun & Florida.
12. Last trip: Montana for a family reunion.

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