Worms for Dinner

Elliot brought home an easy reading book called Worms for Dinner. He hasto read it to someone and then we sign. This morning he was reaading and there are names for the things that eat worms. (ex. venus fly trap) So does the Black backed Wren, but he read it the Black Backed Whack!

Garage sale starts today.

Jason and Dad have been driving through the night and should be there tonight by suppertime.


Neisha said...

Hope you do good on your garage sale. I have stuff I'd like to sell but wasn't going to have one next summer but now that things have changed, I may be able to have one.

Heather T said...

Good luck with the garage sale! I can't believe Elliot is old enuf to be reading books to you already...that hardly seems possible...he was just a baby yesterday!:-) Hope your dad and Jason make it to their destination tonight...I'm sure they're anxious to get hunting!

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