I must get better at this. Or more efficient. Or something.

Let's suffice it to say we had issues with getting the house in order for bible study last night. Jason came home and had to sweep/mop/vacuum because I had either Archer or Trae on my case all day long. I love them dearly, but when you constantly have someone begging for your attention, it sure drains you. Trae has resorted now to pointing at the swing and begging me in baby talk to put Archere in it. I feel bad to, because this eating every 1/2 hour is really brutal. Trae gets less mommy time, and becomes hostile toward mommy and baby. Although, I'm happy to report that he loves him regardless, because when he cries he'll pat his back or kiss his forehead. We tried everything...swing, sling, fan, vacuum....to no avail. he wasn't even really content when I was holding him. There must be a secret to calming him down and we haven't figured it out yet. Wednesday must be his fussy day, because I was out almost the whole meeting last week. I finally bathed him in lavender, put bedtime lotion on, and swaddled him. He ate on one side, and slept through meeting.

Then during meeting, I sat in the glider, and Jason sat on the couch with the oldest 3 kids. He, of course sat in the middle and Trae and Brookelyn were between me and him. I was powerless to stop Trae when he grabbed Jason by the waist of his pants and tried to get him to sit back down when he was giving his testimony.

For those of you who are thinking "she has time to blog though!' Just remember that I have a baby attached to either breast every hour at least. Even typing 1 handed I've got plenty of time...

I forgot to post about this yesterday:

Elliot was getting ready to go wait for the bus and came to give me a kiss. Then he kissed Archer, who was on one side of my lap and turned to leave. Trae, who was on the other side of my lap, yelled and said "ME!" So Elliot came back and gave him a kiss to. Cute.

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