Bullets...the real ones!

  • look at me, i can do bulleted posts now, thanks to my great friend alaina.
  • she also taught me how to link!
  • she has pictures from the arbonne gig last night, keep stalking her blog until she posts them....
  • she also taught me that the reason that my pics come up in code is bacause i'm in edit html mode...if i switch to compose, i can see my post as it appears. rock on.
  • she also taught me this really cool picture tiling trick, but i tried it in the above post, and it didn't work. will try again later.
  • she rocks!


Anonymous said...

ha ha! you're hilarious! thanks for having me over. I had a blast. Your house is lovely. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'll upload pictures as soon as my battery is charged.

Jeff & Aleigh said...

Alaina is 'da bomb'!!!! ;o)

Heather said...


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